Evolution With and Without Multiple Simultaneous Changes

Arthur Hunt, bacteria, BIO-Complexity, biological adaptations, chloroquine resistance, Darwinian gradualism, Darwinian processes, Darwinism, Douglas Axe, enzymes, Evolution, Evolution: A View from the 21st Century, Guide to Reading Jason Rosenhouse (series), hypercube, Intelligent Design, James Shapiro, Jason Rosenhouse, Kenneth Miller, Leo Kadanoff, Michael Behe, Nature (journal), Origin of Species, Plasmodium, Plasmodium falciparum, probabilities, The Edge of Evolution, The Failures of Mathematical Anti-Evolutionism, The Third Way, University of Chicago
Darwinism is committed to evolution happening gradually, one step at a time, by single mutational changes. Source
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Can Artificial Intelligence Be Creative?

Ada Lovelace, Alan Turing, chatbot, computer science, computers, Creativity, English, Eugene Goostman, George Gordon, Go (game), Intelligent Design, Lord Byron, machines, Neuroscience & Mind, Non-Computable You, programmers, Selmer Bringsjord, software, swarms, The Carpenters, The Imitation Game, trickery, Turing test, Ukrainians
Lady Ada Lovelace (1815–1852), daughter of the poet George Gordon, Lord Byron, was the first computer programmer. Source
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Five Reasons Why AI Programs Are Not “Human”

adrenaline, algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Blake Lemoine, Boundaries of Humanity Project, computer science, Culture & Ethics, DNA, emotions, engineers, Feelings, free will, Google, human cells, imagination, Isaac Asimov, LaMDA, Language Model for Dialogue Applications, life, Love, machines, materialists, Neuroscience & Mind, René Descartes, self-awareness, sentience, software, soul, Stanford University, Three Laws of Robotics, toaster, Washington Post, William Hurlbut
A Google engineer, Blake Lemoine, mistakenly designated one AI program "sentient." Source
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How Euthanasia Activists Laid the Groundwork for Overturning Roe

abortion, activists, Anti-Euthanasia Task Force, assisted suicide, common law, Constitution, courts, Culture & Ethics, Dobbs v. Jackson, Due Process Clause, euthanasia, Fourteenth Amendment, history, hubris, Law, Medicine, Patients Rights Council, Roe v. Wade, Supreme Court, Washington v. Glucksberg
Back in the ’90s, the assisted-suicide movement tried to convince the Supreme Court to impose a Roe–style decision for their cause. Source
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In the Footsteps of Social Darwinist Cesare Lombroso

biology, Cesare Lombroso, Charles Darwin, criminal justice, criminals, criminologists, criminology, Culture & Ethics, Darwin Day in America, Evolution, face masks, facial features, forensic medicine, head shape, heredity, Italy, museums, phrenology, prisoners, skeleton, skulls, Social Darwinism, Turin, University of Torino
Lombroso’s ideas were quack science. But they were taken seriously by criminologists and public officials around the world until they were debunked. Source
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The Babylon Bee vs. Postmodernism | with Kyle Mann

AFR, Apologetics, app, cross examined, cross examined official podcast, CrossExamined, crossexamined podcast, faith, Frank Turek, God, google play, iTunes, Jesus Christ, Kyle Mann, Podcast, podcasting, Politics, Radio, Radio Show, school shooting, Spotify, stitcher, Todd Herman, truth, Weekly Podcast
Podcast: Play in new window Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Android | iHeartRadio | Email | TuneIn | RSS Are you ready to laugh and think your way through a timely update of a classic tale? Kyle Mann, editor-in-chief of The Babylon Bee, joins Frank to discuss his new book, The Postmodern Pilgrim’s Progress (co-authored with Joel Berry). Part novel and part “sci-fi fantasy allegory”, The Postmodern Pilgrim’s Progress is a modern-day version of John Bunyan’s classic book and tackles subject matter that is unique to our culture today–including the prosperity gospel, deconstruction, humanism, evolution, skepticism, abortion, and more. Here’s a short excerpt from the beginning of the book: “On this journey, Ryan will learn something, which is more than most people who go on journeys can say. When he wakes up, he…
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La duda emocional y cómo combatirla

Apologética, Apologética cristiana, Bellator Christi, Brian Chilton, Cristianismo, Cristianos, Duda emocional, Dudas, Español, Preguntas sobre la fe
Por Brian Chilton En una clase reciente en la Universidad Liberty, se observó que  el 80% de las dudas de una persona no se derivan  de problemas intelectuales con el cristianismo, sino más bien de la duda emocional. La duda emocional es un problema para todas las  personas, pero parece ser un concepto más difícil de combatir para los hombres. La razón es que la mayoría de los hombres se abstienen de hablar de sus emociones. Muchos suprimen la duda emocional y la ignoran. Sin embargo, estas acciones no eliminan la duda. La duda emocional puede tratar cuestiones relacionadas a  la pérdida de un ser querido, una oración sin respuesta o frustraciones en la vida por las cuales uno culpa a Dios. Curiosamente, la duda emocional puede combatirse con una…
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Darwinist Turns Math Cop: Track 1 and Track 2

anti-evolutionism, Darwinian processes, Darwinism, Evolution, evolutionary pathways, formalism, Guide to Reading Jason Rosenhouse (series), improbability, Intelligent Design, Jason Rosenhouse, mathematicians, mathematics, origin of life, presuppositions, probability, protein space, proteins, sophistry, statistics
Jason Rosenhouse insists that intelligent design proponents obey his rules, but happily flouts them himself. Source
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Mass Shootings & Pro-Choice Hysteria: Three Questions that Show the Insanity of Modern Moral Outrage

Adam Tucker, Apologetics, Christianity, Culture, Legislating Morality, Culture & Politics, Politics, pro-choice, Roe v. Wade, school shooting, Southern Evangelical Seminary, theology, Theology and Christian Apologetics, What is a Right?
By Adam Tucker As I sit at my computer thinking about the incomprehensible evil of yet another mass shooting, this time in Uvalde, Texas, the floods of outrage, sadness, fear, and uncertainty grip me as I’m sure they do many of you. Ironically, news of the tragedy broke just minutes before attending the end-of-year ceremonies at my kids’ school. Tears filled my eyes as I watched the boys and girls sing and receive their awards knowing that so many parents will not get to experience such joys after this latest tragedy. I truly cannot imagine. Yet, while the news coming out of Texas is very disturbing, there is something else I can’t get out of my mind. Just over a week ago, my family and I had the opportunity to…
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From Darwinists, a Shift in Tone on Nanomachines

Adam Watkins, bacterial flagellum, BioEssays, biology, Bruce Alberts, Darwinian pathways, Darwinism, David Hume, Dubai, E. coli, Evolution, flagellar filaments, From Darwinists, Guide to Reading Jason Rosenhouse (series), Harvard University, Howard Berg, Intelligent Design, Jason Rosenhouse, magnetotactic bacteria, molehills, moles, mountains, nanomachines, National Academy of Sciences, Rube Goldberg device, Stone Age, Technology
The shift in tone from then to now is remarkable. What happened to the awe these systems used to inspire? Source
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