Old Wine in New Bottles: How Darwin Recruited Malthus to Fortify a Failed Idea from Antiquity

abiogenesis, Alphonse de Candolle, Aristotle, atheists, atomism, Charles Bradlaugh, Charles Darwin, Charles Lyell, Christianity, complexification, David Hume, Edward Aveling, Epicurus, Erasmus Darwin, Evolution, Friedrich Engels, Georges Cuvier, Gertrude Himmelfarb, Greece, Homo sapiens, Intelligent Design, Karl Marx, Law of Correlation, Lucretius, Matthew Arnold, Middle Ages, natural selection, Origin of Species, Patrick Matthew, Plato, Poor Law, Rome, Thomas Aquinas, Thomas Malthus, transhumanism, Unmoved Mover, Victorian England, William Paley
It was undoubtedly a tremendous philosophical coup for Darwin whose knowledge of formal philosophy was limited. Source
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High Energy: Long Story Short Addresses “Energy Harnessing” and Life’s Origin

abiogenesis, ADP, ATP, ATP synthase, batteries, biopolymers, chemiosmotic coupling, drivetrain, Energy, energy harnessing, Evolution, gasoline, homeostasis, hydrothermal vents, Intelligent Design, lightning, Long Story Short, membranes, natural selection, origin of life, plants, promissory note, proton gradients, protons, regulators, RNA, self-replication, solar panels, sun, sunlight, transformers, volcanoes
Everyone knows that maintaining life requires energy, but most do not appreciate the intricate steps required to harness it. Source
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Frankenstein and His Offspring

abiogenesis, Aristotle, biology, cryogenic freezing, Evolution, Frankenstein, Funny Man: Mel Brooks, Gene Wilder, Harold Urey, Intelligent Design, Mary Shelley, Mel Brooks, movies, origin of life, panspermia, Patrick McGilligan, satire, Stanley Miller, Svante Arrhenius, Why Words Matter: Sense and Nonsense in Science (series), Young Frankenstein
"Abiogenesis" seems to draw its strength from pseudo-scientific folk-beliefs that life could somehow be made to emerge from non-life. Source
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Purifying Bad Results: How Origin-of-Life Researchers Cheat via “Relay Synthesis”

"building blocks" of life, abiogenesis, Agnieszka Wołos, Allchemy, amino acids, carbohydrates, Chemistry, concentration, Evolution, flask, impurities, Intelligent Design, laboratory supply, lipids, Long Story Short, natural processes, nucleotides, origin of life, Pier Luigi Luisi, relay synthesis, researchers, The Stairway to Life, YouTube videos
This is not a question of scale — even if the “chemist’s flask” were the entire Earth. Source
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Stephen Meyer: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and the God Hypothesis

abiogenesis, alien spacecraft, aliens, Avi Loeb, Big Bang, Carl Sagan, Center for Science & Culture, Faith & Science, fine-tuning, Francis Crick, Harvard University, intelligence, James Watson, mainstream scientists, New York Post, Nobel Prize, origin of life, panspermia, Physics, Earth & Space, Prometheus, Return of the God Hypothesis, Ridley Scott, Stephen Meyer, U.S. Navy, UFOs, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena
Mainstream scientists have been speculating about other-than-earthly intelligence for decades. Source
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Origin of Life: Brian Miller Distills a Debate Between Dave Farina and James Tour

abiogenesis, blind natural forces, Brian Miller, Center for Science & Culture, Dave Farina, early Earth, Eric Anderson, Evolution, ID The Future, Intelligent Design, James Tour, origin of life, Podcast, researchers, Rice University, science educators, synthetic organic chemistry
No one — not even the most elite of origin-of-life scientists — has a clue how life could have arisen through blind natural forces on the early Earth. Source
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