Fossil Friday: Fossil Sea Cows and the Abrupt Origin of Sirenia and Desmostylia

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So, is every thing OK with Darwinism after all? No so fast. Actually, there are some problems that do not square well with a Darwinian scenario. Source
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Fossil Friday: Fossil Hyraxes and the Abrupt Origin of Hyracoidea

Afrotheria, Archaeohyracidae, Early Oligocene, East Africa, Egypt, elephant shrew, Fayum, Fossil Friday, fossil record, Geniohyiidae, George Cuvier, George Gaylord Simpson, Hippomorpha, Hyracoidea, hyraxes, Late Oligocene, Megalohyrax gevini, Microhyrax lavocati, Miohyracidae, Namahyracidae, Paenungulata, Paleogene, paleontology, phylogenetics, Pliohyracidae, Rukwalorax, Sagatheriidae, science, scrotum, Tanzania, Titanohyracidae, Titanohyrax andrewsi, Titanohyrax mongereaui, Titanohyrax tantulus
Of course, it is only we “nitpicking” intelligent design proponents who point out such incongruences. Source
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Fossil Friday: The Giant Armadillo Glyptodon and the Abrupt Origin of Xenarthrans

Afrotheria, America, Antarctica, anteaters, Argentina, armadillos, Astegotheriini, Cingulata, clades, Darwinists, Early Eocene, Early Eocene Climatic Optimum, Glyptodon asper, glyptodonts, La Meseta Formation, megafauna, Megalonychidae, Megatherium, Middle Ypresian, molecular clock, Natural History Museum of Vienna, New World, paleontology, pampatheres, Patagonia, Peltephilidae, phylogenetic systematics, Pilosa, placental mammals, Pleistocene, primates, Prostegotherium, Riostegotherium, science, sloths, South American Land Mammal Ages, Tubulidentata, vermilinguans, Xenarthra, xenarthrans
Should we dare to consider the possibility that something is wrong with the Darwinist assumptions? Heaven forbid! Source
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