For Science and Free Speech, Lessons from Oppenheimer

Albert Einstein, Anthony Fauci, Artificial Intelligence, atomic bomb, biotechnology, cancel culture, cinematography, climate change, Cold War, Culture & Ethics, dairy cows, Edward Teller, Francis Collins, free speech, gender-affirming care, Great Barrington Declaration, Harry Truman, Hiroshima, ideological medicine, Ireland, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Jay Bhattacharya, Joe McCarthy, lockdowns, Martin Kulldorff, McCarthyism, movies, Nagasaki, National Institutes of Health, nuclear proliferation, Oppenheimer, Physics, Earth & Space, Soviet Union, Sunetra Gupta, The Godfather, United States, wrongthink
Like all great art, the movie evokes reactions in the viewer beyond what the filmmaker might have intended. Source
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Asking Questions Demonstrates Human Exceptionalism

Albert Einstein, animals, Bible, chatbot, ChatGPT, cosmos, curiosity, DNA, electronic technology, fine-tuning, history, human exceptionalism, Human Origins, humans, imagination, Intelligent Design, Irreducible Complexity, metaphysics, natural world, Physics, Earth & Space, prompt engineering, Questions
This human trait of question-asking begins almost as soon as we learn to talk. Young children can confound their parents with their rapid-fire questions. Source
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Is Mathematics Discovered or Invented?

Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Applied Optics, Athanasios Papoulis, calculus, Carl Friedrich Gauss, error backpropagation, Euclid, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Intelligent Design, Isaac Newton, John F. Walkup, J´anos Bolyai, Karhunen–Loève Theorem, Kari Karhunen, mathematics, Michel Loève, Neuroscience & Mind, non-Euclidean geometry, Oberlin College, Papoulis-Gerchberg Algorithm, Peter Biles, plagiarism, space-variant processing, telegraph, telephone
Some think that math is invented. Evidence, though, points towards its discovery. Source
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Thank God for Quantum Mechanics

Albert Einstein, Anton Zeilinger, atoms, biblical tradition, blackbody, Canceled Science, Chemistry, electromagnetic radiation, emissivity, Energy, Faith & Science, Genesis, Gospel of John, helium, hydrogen, information, Intelligent Design, intention, John Wheeler, Louis de Broglie, matter, Max Planck, mind, Niels Bohr, nuclear fusion, nucleons, observer participation, particles, physics, Physics, Earth & Space, Planck’s constant, protons, quantization, quantum effects, quantum mechanics, Schrödinger equation, spectroscopy, sun, ultraviolet catastrophe, universe, University of Paris
An example of how quantum effects permit life as we know it operates in the nuclear furnace of the Sun. Source
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The Elephant in the Science Lab

Albert Einstein, ammonia, biochemistry, biology, Carl Woese, Chemistry, DNA, electrical charge, Evolution, H2O, hydrogen, inorganic chemistry, Intelligent Design, Isaac Newton, lipids, macromolecules, model, molecular biology, molecules, oxygen, physics, proteins, purpose, RNA, science, science of purpose, Senses, Tinkertoys, water
I have been seeking to describe the science of purpose. Now it is worth getting down to the basics of what science actually is and how it works. Source
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Can a Dog Be Bred to Be as Smart as a Human?

Albert Einstein, American Kennel Club, anatomy, Border Collie, brain, Charles Fawole, consciousness, Dogs, Flynn Effect, humans, intelligence, Jean Marie Bauhaus, Kurt Gödel, Marilyn vos Savant, neurological capability, neuroscience, Neuroscience & Mind, Payton Pearson, Psychology Today, science, Stanley Coren, University of British Columbia
An enterprising electrical engineer, Payton Pearson, thinks it can be done. There are reasons for doubt. Source
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Are Singularities a Part of Science?

Albert Einstein, Arjuna Das, atheists, Big Bang, black holes, extra-natural objects, Faith & Science, field equations, general relativity, infinity, Justice, mathematics, Matt Dillahunty, mercy, Michael Egnor, morality, Physics, Earth & Space, singularities, supernatural, Theology Unleashed, Thomas Aquinas, zero
"Any paper that discusses or describes singularities in the field equations of general relativity is discussing extra-natural objects." Source
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