Aliens in the Garbage

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Some people — whether they would put it in so many words or not — believe that certain types of answers are simply off-limits in a scientific inquiry. Source
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Happy New Year! No. 1 Story of 2023: Joe Rogan and Stephen Meyer Talk Science and Faith

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For more than three hours, Rogan asked questions about the scientific argument for the reality of God, as well as Meyer’s reasons for believing the Bible. Source
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UFOs Replay History: Rogan, Keating, and “Things Seen in the Skies”

airfields, aliens, Aristotle, astrophysicists, Bible, Brian Keating, Carl Jung, Catholic Church, Congress, conspiracy, curiosity, Faith & Science, Flying Saucers (book), Galileo Galilei, government, Joe Rogan, Joe Rogan Experience, mandala, military facilities, NASA, Physics, Earth & Space, pilots, psychologists, PSYOP, Russian, Sanskrit, soul, Spotify, Stephen Meyer, synchronicity, UAPs, UC San Diego, UFOs, United States
Psychologist Carl Jung got interested in UFOs around 1946, shortly after the development of the atom bomb. Source
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Craig, Moreland: Two Philosophers Discuss Aliens and Artificial Intelligence

aliens, Artificial Intelligence, Biola University, consciousness, Culture, Culture & Ethics, dating, extraterrestrial life, Faith & Science, friendship, Internet, J.P. Moreland, marriage, Neuroscience & Mind, philosophy of mind, Sean McDowell, sexuality, Technology, virtual existence, william lane craig, worship
As an old professor of mine told me in an email recently: “Long live visceral proximity!” Source
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SETI: Inventing Minds to Find Minds

aliens, Aristotle, design detection, Frank Marchis, Gaia, habitable zone, Howard Glicksman, intelligent causes, Intelligent Design, materialists, Mountain View, natural causes, Nature (journal), Paul Sutter, Physics, Earth & Space, programmers, radio signals, rocks, SETI, SETI Institute, signals, Steve Laufmann, Your Designed Body
SETI has a new technique to recognize patterns in gobs of data: invent intelligences to search for extraterrestrial intelligence that might be artificial. Source
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A Miraculous Existence

A Big Bang in a Little Room, Adolf Hitler, advanced life, aliens, astronomers, Atheism, atheists, bacteria, Bible, capillary action, Carl Sagan, Contact (novel), cosmic microwave background radiation, Creation, deaths, divine action, faith, Faith & Science, galaxies, Goldilocks, history, human genome, hydrogen, Ivy League, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, miracles, New England Patriots, Physics, Earth & Space, Super Bowl, surface tension, theoretical physics, touchdown, universe, wackiness, Zeeya Merali
Zeeya Merali asks a good question: If God desired to send us a message, how would He do it? Source
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UFOS, Aliens, And Christianity

aliens, Christianity, CrossExamined, J. Brian Huffling, Jesus, Theology and Christian Apologetics, UFOs
By J. Brian Huffling many people throughout history and across the world have claimed to have seen UFOs and even have experiences with what are normally described as aliens. I’ve always had a casual interest in UFOs, but with the release of three Navy videos and the Unidentified documentary, I became more interested. It is probably safe to say that most people think that talk of UFOs and aliens is crazy; however, the evidence for such phenomena has been mounting to the point that the existence of UFOs is beyond question. This article will look at a brief history of UFOs, focusing mostly on the U.S., some of the claims people have made, an examination of prominent theories of what is going on, and an overall assessment. A VERY BRIEF…
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Meyer: Theistic Implications of the Multiverse

aliens, Atheism, cosmology, creator, digital code, DNA, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Faith & Science, Fine-Tuner, Intelligent Design, Marvel Studios, Marvel Universe, materialism, multiverse, Ockham’s razor, One-Above-All, parallel universes, Physics, Earth & Space, popular culture, Return of the God Hypothesis, scientific atheism, scientists, The Daily Wire, The Presence
"As for the Multiverse, even sci-fi writers now recognize that if such a thing exists, it would still require an ultimate Creator." Source
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