Irreducibly Complex, Bacterial Cell Wall Manufacture Is an Evolutionary Enigma

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Evolutionary processes cannot select for some future utility that is only realized after passing through a maladaptive intermediate. Source
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Origin of Life: Cambridge Astrochemist Paul Rimmer Analyzes the Tour-Farina Debate

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The differing perspectives of Tour and Rimmer result from the differences in their starting assumptions. Source
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Sean Carroll: “How Could an Immaterial Mind Affect the Body?”

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Aristotle noted that when we think carefully about natural causes we see that there are four distinct ways that causes can lead to effects in nature. Source
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A Mystery: Prebiotic Synthesis of Simple Organic Monomers

amino acids, ammonia, atmosphere, building blocks, carbon dioxide, David Deamer, early Earth, Evolution, First Life from Purely Natural Means? (series), gases, geoscientists, high school textbooks, hydrothermal vent, Intelligent Design, methane, Miller-Urey experiment, monomers, NASA, National Research Council, Nick Lane, primordial soup, reducing gases, Science (journal), Space Studies Board, University College London
In 2010, University College London biochemist Nick Lane stated the primordial soup theory “doesn’t hold water” and is “past its expiration date.” Source
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New Animation on Topoisomerase Demonstrates Irrationality of Denying Design Evidence in Biology

amino acids, animation, ATP, biology, Danièle Gadelle, dehydration, DNA, double helix, early Earth, enzyme, Evolution, genomes, homochirality, hydration, Intelligent Design, intelligent designer, molecular machines, origin of life, Patrick Forterre, projection, psychology, replication, scientific materialism, supercoiling, topoisomerases, transcription
Replication or transcription of DNA stresses the macromolecule, resulting in supercoiling. Topoisomerase II relieves the stress. Source
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Long Story Short — Did Purely Natural Processes Produce Biopolymers?

amino acids, biology, biopolymers, chirality, denaturation, DNA, Donna Blackmond, Evolution, formamide, glycans, Holy Grail, homochirality, Intelligent Design, Le Chatelier’s principle, lipids, Long Story Short, monomers, natural processes, nucleotides, Occam's Razor, origin of life, polymerization, proteins, RNA, solvents, sugars, toluene, wet/dry cycles, YouTube videos
Science provides a clear expectation of what natural processes produce, and what we observe in the biopolymers of life is dramatically unexpected.  Source
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Purifying Bad Results: How Origin-of-Life Researchers Cheat via “Relay Synthesis”

"building blocks" of life, abiogenesis, Agnieszka Wołos, Allchemy, amino acids, carbohydrates, Chemistry, concentration, Evolution, flask, impurities, Intelligent Design, laboratory supply, lipids, Long Story Short, natural processes, nucleotides, origin of life, Pier Luigi Luisi, relay synthesis, researchers, The Stairway to Life, YouTube videos
This is not a question of scale — even if the “chemist’s flask” were the entire Earth. Source
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Tonight, New “Long Story Short” Video Delivers a Dose of Reality for Origin-of-Life Researchers

"building blocks" of life, academic fraud, Airgas, amino acids, Brian Miller, carbohydrates, carbon dioxide, Casey Luskin, Change Laura Tan, Evolution, experiments, heart disease, heart failure, Intelligent Design, Jeff Bada, Le Chatelier’s principle, lipids, Long Story Short, nucleotides, origin of life, Pier Luigi Luisi, prebiotic Earth, reagents, researchers, Stanley Miller, The Stairway to Life, YouTube videos
In the time of the early Earth, Airgas, the supplier from which the researchers obtained their materials, was not around. Source
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