A Living and Symphonic Order — Appreciating Anthony Esolen

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I knew I wanted to choose someone who wrote beautifully. He, however, was someone I didn't know, and I could not predict his views on intelligent design. Source
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When Catholics Argue for Intelligent Design

Ann Gauger, Anthony Esolen, Aristotle, beauty, Benjamin Wiker, Bible, biology, Brian Miller, Bruce Chapman, Christianity, consciousness, cosmology, creator, Faith & Science, faith and science, Father Michael Chaberek, God's Grandeur, Günter Bechly, Human Origins, Intelligent Design, intermediates, J. Budziszewski, Jay Richards, John Bergsma, Logan Gage, materialism, Michael Behe, moral law, natural law, paleontology, Pedro Barrajon, Richard Sternberg, Roman Catholicism, Scott Ventureyra, Sophia Institute Press, Thomas Aquinas
The evidence from science is clear, but with the discussion of philosophical questions, the necessity of a Creator becomes overwhelming.  Source
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