Beneficial Borgs Have Landed

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Borg theory represents a major paradigm shift about how genetic information is stored and shared. Source
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University of Chicago Biochemist: All Living Cells Are Cognitive

archaea, bacteria, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, biology, cell's, cognition, Daniel Dennett, intelligence, Intelligent Design, James Shapiro, Life Sciences, Neuroscience & Mind, Oxford English Dictionary, protoplasm, quorum sensing, University of Chicago
James Shapiro’s recent paper points out, with examples, that bacteria meet the Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of “cognitive.” Source
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Diatoms, an Evolutionary Mystery, Come into Nano-Focus

archaea, bacteria, beauty, Blaise Pascal, Caltech, Coscinodiscus, Cristobal Vila, Current Biology, diatoms, electron microscope, Engineering, eukaryotes, frustules, Germany, God Hypothesis, Gothic cathedrals, Intelligent Design, Izabela Zgłobicka, Life Sciences, light microscope, Michael Gross, microbes, Nature by Numbers, Nature Scientific Reports, photosynthetic algae, Poland, purpose, Zachary Aitken
The jewels of the microbial world, when seen with new nano-scale imaging techniques, look like Gothic cathedrals. Source
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Is There Discontinuity in Biology — And How Would We Know?

archaea, bacteria, biogeography, biology, Biology Direct, cell's, discontinuity, Douglas Theobald, embryology, Eugene Koonin, eukaryotes, Evolution, evolutionary mechanisms, fossil record, Intelligent Design, mathematics, mechanisms of evolution, paleontology, phyla, protein folds, rafting, Theistic Evolution (book), transitional forms, Tree of Life, universal common ancestry, viruses
For my part, I think it’s better to approach the data without assumptions and to let the evidence speak for itself. Source
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The Tragedy of Eukaryote Evolution

archaea, bacteria, California, careers, coronavirus, death camps, eukaryotes, Evolution, gender binary, gender-reveal party, genders, heterosexuality, housework, Insider (magazine), Jane Ward, John Zmirak, Maine, New York University Press, nucleus, parody, prokaryotes, sex, sexuality, The Stream, The Tragedy of Heterosexuality, tigers, UC Riverside, wildfires
Think of all the frustrated longings, misunderstandings, jealousy, and more entailed by the fact that males and females constitute separate genders. Source
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