Rabbi Adam Jacobs Talks with Michael Denton about Intelligent Design

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Rabbi Jacobs, with the worldwide Jewish outreach group Aish HaTorah, makes a very thoughtful conversation partner for Dr. Denton. Source
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In His New Book, Denton Shows How Science Leads the Charge to Theism

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In his new book, Michael Denton is particularly strong on what he terms “the post-Copernican delusion of mankind’s cosmic irrelevance.” Source
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Verdicts of “Poor Design” in Biology Don’t Have a Good Track Record

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For years people cited the wiring of the vertebrate eye as evidence of “poor design” in biology. Source
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“Morality Pills”: Ethicist Calls for Drugs to Solve COVID Non-Compliance

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Whatever one thinks about government mandates relating to the coronavirus, Parker Crutchfield’s “solution” is worse than the problem. Source
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