Farewell to My Teacher, Gerhard Mickoleit 

Arnold Staniczek, biologists, cladistics, East Prussia, Eberhard Frey, entomologists, entomology, Evolution, Frank Torsten Krell, Gerhard Mickoleit, Günter Bechly, Intelligent Design, Martin S. Fischer, mecopteran insects, morphology, naturalists, Neo-Darwinism, paleontology, phylogenetics, polymath, Protestantism, Rainer Schoch, Ralf Britz, Rolf Beutel, Stuttgart Natural History Museum, systematics, University of Tübingen, vertebrate phylogeny, Willi Hennig
He had rather secretly always been a devout Protestant Christian and he too had some doubts about the causal adequacy and sufficiency of neo-Darwinism. Source
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Will Evolutionists Ever Take Falsification Seriously? A Response to P. Z. Myers

BIO-Complexity, biologists, Casey Luskin, Charles Darwin, common ancestry, common descent, Complexity, developmental pathway, embryo, embryonic development, Evolution, Evolution News, evolutionary processes, evolutionists, extraembryonic tissues, fish, gastrulation, homology, Life Sciences, Louise Roth, mammals, mutations, natural selection, P.Z. Myers, phylotypic stages, reptiles, Rudolf Raff, vertebrates
Can there be a better example of trying to argue that whatever the evidence, evolution is the answer? Source
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Where Biology and Engineering Intersect: CELS 2023 Applications Are Open Now!

biologists, biology, Camp Copass, causal circularity, CELS, coherence, computer scientists, Conference on Engineering in Living Systems, Engineering, engineers, graduate students, Intelligent Design, Life Sciences, living systems, medical practitioners, medical researchers, optimization, post-docs, process designers, systems modelers, Tally Retreat Center
This is not a conference for listening to ID thought leaders (though many will be there), but an opportunity to jump in and become part of the conversation. Source
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The Challenge from Jason Rosenhouse

biologists, debate, email, engineers, Evolution, evolutionary biologists, Guide to Reading Jason Rosenhouse (series), Intelligent Design, Jason Rosenhouse, Jerry Coyne, Leo Kadanoff, mathematicians, peer-reviewed literature, physics, The Failures of Mathematical Anti-Evolutionism, University of Chicago, YouTube videos
"The response would be a lot chillier if they tried the same arguments in front of audiences with the relevant expertise." Is that so? Source
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Why Systems Biologists Now Assume Life Is Optimally Designed

"poor design", bioinformatics, biological structures, biologists, biosphere, Dan Graur, ENCODE, engineers, Eva Balsa-Canto, Evolution, fitness landscape, human body, Human Errors, human genome, Intelligent Design, Julio R. Banga, Junk DNA, knee, Living with Darwin, Nathan Lents, Nikolaos Tsiantis, optimality, pelvis, Philip Kitcher, scientific materialism, teleology, whales, Wikipedia
Purported examples of poor design usually represent opinions resulting from armchair critics’ limited understanding of the technical literature. Source
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