Sandgrouse Takes the Royal Society to Design School

Africa, biology, Biomimetics, bird feathers, birds, Brian Miller, Casey Luskin, chicks, Engineering, feathers, Flight, Intelligent Design, Jochen Mueller, Johns Hopkins University, Life Sciences, Lorna Gibson, males, MIT, Namaqua sandgrouse, nest, Royal Society Interface, Science and Faith in Dialogue, southwestern Africa, water
Episode guest Brian Miller talks with host Casey Luskin about the details of the ingenious design. Source
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New Mode of Flight Found in Tiny Beetle

Adrian Malone, barbs, beetles, biology, bird feathers, Blepharida sacra, Charles Darwin, Chloe Tenn, Coleoptera, convergent evolution, electron micrograph, Evolution, flat bark beetle, flea beetle, Flight, froghoppers, insect wings, Intelligent Design, J.B.S. Haldane, Japan, larvae, Longitarsus anchusae, Matthew Bertone, miniaturization, Nature (journal), PLOS ONE, ptiloptery, Research, Sergey E. Farisenkov, The Scientist, Zookeys
A millimeter-sized beetle flies efficiently with feathery wings and a beat mode not seen before. Did it evolve by natural selection? Source
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