Can a Dog Be Bred to Be as Smart as a Human?

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An enterprising electrical engineer, Payton Pearson, thinks it can be done. There are reasons for doubt. Source
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MicroRNAs: A New Clue About Octopus Intelligence?

apes, biology, brain, central brain, cognitive abilities, Cris Niell, crows, cuttlefish, Dogs, dolphins, elephants, Grygoriy Zolotarov, intelligence, MicroRNAs, miRNAs, nervous system, neuroscience, Neuroscience & Mind, neurotransmitters, Nikolaus Rajewsky, octopus, Oregon, RNA, science, squid, vertebrates, whales, William Rainey Harper
While octopus brains are very different from vertebrate brains, they share with vertebrates, a huge number of microRNAs. Source
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How Octopuses Got So Smart? “Junk DNA”

biology, birds, brain, California octopus, clams, common octopus, genome, intelligence, Intelligent Design, invertebrates, jumping genes, Junk DNA, Long Interspersed Nuclear Elements, mammals, marine invertebrates, Neuroscience & Mind, octopuses, oysters, transposons, unguided evolution
Jumping genes used to be dismissed as junk DNA which in turn was held to be slam-dunk evidence for unguided evolutionary processes. Source
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This Cambrian Explosion “Explanation” Qualifies as Propaganda

arthropods, brain, Cambrian Explosion, Cambrian News, China, crap theory, Current Biology, Debating Darwin's Doubt, Derek E. G. Briggs, Ediacaran Period, evo-devo, Evolution, fecal material, fossil record, Intelligent Design, Izvestia, Kimberella, morphology, nervous system, newspapers, oxygen level, Palaeophragmodictya, phyla, Pravda, stem taxa, Stephen Meyer, USSR
It’s interesting to see what Derek E. G. Briggs is willing to admit about the Cambrian explosion. Source
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