“Fin-To-Limb” Paper Shows Destructive Nature of “Evo-Devo” Mutations

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Because of the “dysmorphic” phenotype from a homozygous genotype, these mutant genes would be highly unlikely to become fixed in a population. Source
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Revealing Darrel Falk’s Overstatements about Limb Bones in Fish Fins

BioLogos, bones, Brian Miller, Cell (journal), common design, Darwin's Doubt, Evolution, fish fins, front-loaded design, Gerd Müller, homologous features, homology, Intelligent Design, Koji Tamura, mutations, Neil Shubin, Neo-Darwinism, novelty, phenotype, Return of the God Hypothesis, Stuart A. Newman, teleost, tetrapod, tetrapod limbs, Tohru Yano, zebrafish
The interpretation of the results as showing “latent” genetic capabilities has teleological overtones that are compatible with intelligent design. Source
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Origin of Life: Brian Miller Distills a Debate Between Dave Farina and James Tour

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No one — not even the most elite of origin-of-life scientists — has a clue how life could have arisen through blind natural forces on the early Earth. Source
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“Lifelikeness” Without Intelligent Design? Brian Miller Responds to Jeremy England

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Dr. England has a poetic and ingenious article reflecting on God’s commissioning of Moses to lead the Jews out from Egypt. Source
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Famed Biologist Jørn Dyerberg Explains His Turn to Intelligent Design

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If, like me, you’ve got a bottle of fish oil capsules in your refrigerator as a health supplement, you can thank Dr. Dyerberg. Source
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