No. 3 Story of 2023: Textbook Wisdom on Origin of Multicellular Life Turns Out to Be Wrong

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Incidentally, a few days ago I received a message from my paleobiologist colleague Dr. Ken Towe, a retired senior scientist at the Smithsonian Institution. Source
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Fossil Friday: Cambrian Bryozoa Come and Go

bilaterians, body plans, Bryozoa, Cambrian animals, Cambrian Explosion, Carboniferous strata, chordates, Evolution, evolutionary biology, Fossil Friday, fossil record, great Ordovician biodiversification event, green algae, inkblots, invertebrates, lophophore, Lower Cambrian, Lower Ordovician, metazoans, microCT, Middle Pennsylvanian, molecular clock studies, moss animals, Nevada, Ohio, paleontology, phosphatic fossils, Pywackia baileyi, South China, tentacles
This is a field that often has more in common with the interpretation of inkblots in Rorschach tests than with hard science. Source
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Plant Evolution: All Gaps and Miracles

abominable mystery, algae, angiosperms, bryophytes, Cambrian Explosion, Charlie Brown, clubmosses, conifers, cycads, Darwinian gradualism, embryophyte, Evolution, ferns, flowering plants, ginkgoes, gymnosperms, hornworts, James Clark, Life Sciences, liverworts, lycophytes, miracles, morphospace, mosses, Nature Plants, neofunctionalization, Philip C. J. Donoghue, pine tree, plants, punctuated equilibria, Sandy Hetherington, The Conversation, trilobites, University of Bristol, vascular plants
A major study looks for evolution, but finds huge disparities, stasis, gaps, periodic explosions, and miracles of emergence held together with imagination. Source
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FAQ: The Cambrian Explosion Is Real, and It Is a Problem for Evolution

biology, Cambrian Explosion, Cambrian News, Critical Transitions in Nature and Society, Darwin's Doubt, Ediacaran fauna, Evolution, Evolution News, FAQ, fossil record, genetic information, Graham Budd, Intelligent Design, Jerry Coyne, Martin Scheffer, Nick Matzke, oxygen, paleobiology, paleontology, Precambrian, Professor Dave, scientific literature, Sören Jensen, Stephen Meyer
An email correspondent who is friendly to intelligent design (ID) recently wrote us asking how to respond to common objections to ID arguments about the Cambrian explosion. Source
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Fossil Friday: The Explosive Origin of Complex Eyes in Trilobites

arthropods, begging the question, Cambrian Explosion, common ancestry, Darwinists, Evolution, evolutionary biology, falsification, Fossil Friday, fossil record, holochroal eyes, immunization, just-so stories, materialists, Molière, opium, paleontology, phylogeny, pseudoscience, schizochroal eyes, Stephen Meyer, trilobites
The theory has been made immune to empirical falsification because it is simply assumed to be true by default as the only viable option for materialists. Source
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Fossil Friday: The Abrupt Origin of Butterflies

abrupt appearance, animal phyla, butterflies, caddisfly, Cambrian Explosion, Darwinian theory, Early Cretaceous, Eocene, Evolution, Florissant, Fossil Friday, fossil record, Hesperiidae, Intelligent Design, Lepidoptera, macrolepidopterans, Mesozoic, moth, Nymphalidae, paleontology, Papillionidae, Pieridae, Prodryas persephone, Tertiary Butterfly Explosion
This phenomenon could rightfully be called a Tertiary Butterfly Explosion analogous to the Cambrian Explosion of animal phyla. Source
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Let’s Help “Professor Dave” Understand the Precambrian

Anabarites, bilaterians, Burgess Shale, Cambrian Explosion, Cambrotubulus, Carboniferous, Cloudina, Conotubus, Dave Farina, Dickinsonia, Ediacaran, embryos, Evolution, Fortunian, fossils, Gaojiashania, Intelligent Design, Kimberella, Mongolia, Namacalathus, Namapoikia, paleontology, Permian, Precambrian animals, Professor Dave, Protohertzina, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Meyer, Tommotian, Trilobozoa, wormworld
We have much to teach the non-professor, and I trust that he is grateful for the education being rendered to him here. Source
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“Lying on the Internet”? Debunking Dave Farina on Stephen Meyer

acritarchs, Avalon Assemblage, bilaterians, body plans, Cambrian Explosion, Carl Zimmer, Caveasphaera, China, Cladonia chlorophaea, Cloudina, cnidarians, Darwin's Doubt, Dave Farina, demosponges, Dickinsonia, Doushantuo fossils, embryos, Eumetazoa, Evolution, fossils, Gregory Retallack, Haootia quadriformis, Helicoforamina, homology, Ikaria, Intelligent Design, Internet, Joe Botting, Kimberella, Lantianella, Megasphaera, Metazoa, microfossils, Nama Assemblage, Namacalathus, New York Times, paleontology, Precambrian animals, Professor Dave, Spiralicellula, sponges, Stephen Jay Gould, Stephen Meyer, straw man, Tribrachidium, Vernanimalcula, White Sea assemblage, Xiuningella, Yilingia, YouTubers
A lot of nonsense gets published in peer-reviewed journals and it needs expertise to separate the wheat from the chaff. Farina lacks any expertise to do this. Source
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Untangling “Professor Dave’s” Confusion about the Cambrian Explosion

animals, birds, body plan, Cambrian Explosion, Cambrian News, Casey Luskin, cladists, Darwin's Doubt, Dave Farina, Douglas Erwin, Ediacaran fauna, Ediacaran Period, Evolution, Fortunian, fossil record, great Ordovician biodiversification event, homology, insects, Nick Matzke, paleontology, phylum, plesiomorphic, Professor Dave, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Meyer, symplesiomorphy, synapomorphy, The Blind Watchmaker, wings, YouTubers
We have seen the absurdly low quality of this individual’s video. But there is much more. I have added timecodes in square brackets for easier reference. Source
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