Thank God for Quantum Mechanics

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An example of how quantum effects permit life as we know it operates in the nuclear furnace of the Sun. Source
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Dallas Conference on Science and Faith: Registration Open Now!

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How has Christianity contributed to the rise of modern science? What do the latest scientific discoveries tell us about the existence of God? Source
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Luskin at The Federalist — Freedom Is Threatened; Now Will You Listen?

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Critics of Darwinian theory have faced exactly such a campaign — not just recently but going back a couple of decades. Source
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Chances That Life Originated Without Intelligent Design? “Zero,” Says Physicist Eric Hedin

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The idea of setting a percentage to the chances of ID being true reminds me of Hedin’s fellow physicist, Nobel Prize-winner Brian Josephson. Source
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In the Name of “Academic Freedom,” a Scientist Calls for Punishing Creationists

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The practice has a sordid history. There’s always a rationale — for example, in labeling Israeli businesses, or those doing business with Israel, to be avoided. Source
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“Canceled” Physicist Eric Hedin Explores the Boundaries of Science

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Robert Crowther and author Eric Hedin begin by revisiting the atheist attack on Hedin and his Ball State University course, "The Boundaries of Science." Source
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