An Ape with Evolution on His Mind

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“Are you familiar with the concept of evolution?” asks the ape leader who is bent on raising himself to the level of the human. Source
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Metals: From Stars to Cells 

atomic weight, battery storage, cell's, civilization, crust-mantel boundary, dumb luck, earth, Earth’s crust, electrical wiring, foresight, fossils, fuel cells, Intelligent Design, interstellar space, iron, Jupiter, mantle, metallic ores, metals, meteoric bombardment, neutron capture, Physics, Earth & Space, planets, platinum, Saturn, silver, solar panels, stars, Stone Age, supernova, thorium, toxicity, uranium, Wealth
Tracing metals back to their ultimate origins, the processes of stellar nucleosynthesis come into focus. Source
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Life and the Underlying Principle Behind the Second Law of Thermodynamics

BIO-Complexity, Biological Information: New Perspectives, civilization, compensation, Darwinists, De, disorder, DVDs, entropy, fine-tuning, heat energy, human intelligence, Intelligent Design, isolated system, Mathematical Intelligencer, Moon, multiverse, natural forces, open system, open systems, order, physical constants, physics, Physics Essays, physics texts, Physics, Earth & Space, probability, Second Law of Thermodynamics, specified complexity, sun, tautology, Technology, temperature, The Numerical Solution of Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, thermal entropy, tornados, William Dembski
This seem to be extremely improbable: “From a lifeless planet, there arose spaceships capable of flying to its moon and back safely.” Source
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The Origin of Life and the Wonder of Daily Existence

abiogenesis, ants, cell phones, civilization, daily existence, foresight, functional complexity, GPS, honeybees, information, insects, instinct, Intelligent Design, Life Sciences, materialistic universe, natural disasters, natural processes, non-life, origin of life, San Diego, space-time resources, unguided natural processes, vacation
Sometimes, civilization’s design breaks down, and we then see how complex, interdependent, and fragile the system really is. Source
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#5 Story of 2022: The Rise of Totalitarian Science

British Medical Journal, Canada, censorship, churches, civilization, COVID-19, Culture & Ethics, Darwin Day in America, discrimination, disinformation, eugenics, Evolution News, Facebook, free speech, government, Joe Biden, Jonathan Turley, Justin Trudeau, misinformation, National Public Radio, Nazi Germany, Pfizer Inc., Quebec, Ron Johnson, scientism, Social Darwinism, Surgeon General, totalitarian science, Twitter, United States, unvaccinated, vaccination mandates, vaccine, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, Wisconsin, YouTube videos
Now, facts are becoming clearer — and so are the momentous consequences of the pandemic for our culture. Source
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The Underlying Principle Behind the Second Law 

American Journal of Physics, atoms, automobiles, BIO-Complexity, Biological Information: New Perspectives, civilization, coins, computers, duplication errors, earth, Events, Evolution, Intelligent Design, materialists, mathematics, natural forces, open system, origin of life, physics, Physics Essays, Physics, Earth & Space, rubble, Second Law of Thermodynamics, self-replicator, sun, The Numerical Solution of Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, tornado, William Dembski
Extremely improbable events must be macroscopically (simply) describable to be forbidden. Source
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Meet the New New Atheists, Not Like the Old New Atheists

agnostics, Apologetics, atheists, Ben Shapiro, Brian Keating, Charles Murray, Christianity, Christopher Hitchens, civilization, Convivium, Darwinian theory, Dennis Prager, Douglas Murray, Esther O'Reilly, Faith & Science, God Is Not Great, James Croft, Jews, John West, Jonathon Van Maren, Jordan Peterson, Judaism, Justin Brierley, Michael Medved, Michael Shermer, New Atheists, New New Atheists, Niall Ferguson, Orthodox Jews, Return of the God Hypothesis, Roger Scruton, Stephen Meyer, Tom Holland, Unbelievable?, william lane craig
These atheists are finding the “Darwinian tower” less to their liking, and are laying down their bow and arrow. Source
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Literary Naturalism and a Time Machine

"survival of the fittest", 2001: A Space Odyssey, civilization, Culture & Ethics, Darwinian materialism, Darwinian theory, Émile Zola, Evolution, extinction, George Eliot, H.G. Wells, humans, Jack London, literature, mutation, natural science, natural selection, naturalism, Paul Bowles, Robert Ardrey, Sam Peckinpah, science fiction, screenwriters, sheep, Stanley Kubrick, Stephen Crane, The Paris Review, The Sheltering Sky, The Time Machine, The Wild Bunch, Theodore Dreiser, Thomas Hardy, violence
The sun is burning out, and life on Earth is heading for extinction. This aptly conveys Darwinian materialism’s vision of a meaningless universe. Source
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