Euthanasia’s Cultural Collateral Damage: Less Respect for Human Life

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Canada has fallen off the euthanasia moral cliff by allowing broad categories of people to be killed by doctors as a means of ending “suffering.” Source
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A Christian Apologist Responds to Sam Smith and Kim Petras’s Satanic Grammy Performance

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By: John D. Ferrer If you watched the 2023 Grammys, then you probably saw Sam Smith and Kim Petras’s blasphemous pop hypnotic hit “Unholy.” This song has been buzzing. It has more than a hundred million views and earned a Grammy for “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.” Musically, it feels a bit like R&B meets belly dancing. Its Middle Eastern lilt and thumping rhythm lend a dark allure, as the lyrics spin a sordid tale of excess and adultery. One philandering husband neglects his wife and kids at home, sneaking out to a gender-bending strip club — “Body Shop.” Sung from the perspectives of the club’s prostitutes, the story is laced with luxury name brands, product shots for condoms, and vivid descriptions of sexual deviance. Visually, the music video and live…
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Two Nigerian Authors and Darwin’s African Legacy

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Missing from Chinua Achebe’s account is the role played by scientific racism in driving British imperialist policy in the country. Source
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Satan at the Grammy’s?

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J.R. Klein (Josh Klein) The Grammy’s have long been a cultural symbol of transgression. The goal of the Grammy’s used to be to celebrate the best music artists in the world. It was an awards night. Or, at least, it used to be. They have always been edgy and culturally progressive. For instance, in 1973 Helen Reddy thanked God for her award but referred to God as “she” while doing so.[i] The secular entertainment industry lends itself to this sort of subversive rhetoric. But recently the Grammy’s have become more than a shocking cultural display while recognizing the best secular artists of the day.  Long before 2023’s shocking performance by Sam Smith and Kim Petras[ii], they had shifted from shocking and transgressive to lewd and Satanic. This is not a conspiratorial…
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New Exhibition on the Bible and Science Opens in Nation’s Capital

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Tracing the development of science over two millennia, the exhibition challenges a popular misconception about the relationship between the Bible and science. Source
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Can We Legislate Morality?

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By Melissa Dougherty Since the 1960s, there’s been a measurable dramatic decline in moral ethics here in the United States. Some would argue that it’s been in a general decline since the dawn of humanity, myself included. However, here in the United States, the phrase “legislating morality” has been brought up more and more. Depending on the generation, many people have not heard this phrase or even understood what it means. Some use it as a cliche term to throw in the face of the person trying to promote certain morals that should be either lawful or not. I say that similar to the argument of “there is no absolute truth,” saying that we can’t legislate morality is simply self-defeating. Everyone everywhere intrinsically knows right from wrong. Many people would…
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