Company Names “Nature” to Board of Directors

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Look what a frivolous culture we are becoming, with the private sector increasingly fueling our intellectual and moral decline. Source
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“Eugenicons”? Call Them What They Are — Social Darwinists

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It’s sad when once-useful words turn stale and disintegrate — like losing an old friend. Source
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Craig, Moreland: Two Philosophers Discuss Aliens and Artificial Intelligence

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As an old professor of mine told me in an email recently: “Long live visceral proximity!” Source
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5 Fatal Flaws in Transgender Ideology

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Many people who support transgender surgery and cross-sex hormones may be well-intentioned, but the transgender ideology behind those intentions is fraught with fatal flaws. Here are just five of many. Contrary to transgender ideology: 1. The Design of the Body Proves There are Only Two Genders Transgender advocates insist there are multiple genders. However, the design of the human body shows there are only two genders. Humans can either produce sperm or eggs. There is no third reproductive output in humans or mammals. Of course, there are humans who cannot produce either due to biological deficiencies, but that is an incapacity, not a thirdcapacity to produce something else. Thus, the claim that there are more than two genders can only be entertained if one detaches the concept of gender from biological…
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