New Exhibition on the Bible and Science Opens in Nation’s Capital

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Tracing the development of science over two millennia, the exhibition challenges a popular misconception about the relationship between the Bible and science. Source
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Can We Legislate Morality?

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By Melissa Dougherty Since the 1960s, there’s been a measurable dramatic decline in moral ethics here in the United States. Some would argue that it’s been in a general decline since the dawn of humanity, myself included. However, here in the United States, the phrase “legislating morality” has been brought up more and more. Depending on the generation, many people have not heard this phrase or even understood what it means. Some use it as a cliche term to throw in the face of the person trying to promote certain morals that should be either lawful or not. I say that similar to the argument of “there is no absolute truth,” saying that we can’t legislate morality is simply self-defeating. Everyone everywhere intrinsically knows right from wrong. Many people would…
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Stephen Meyer and Company Answer Questions about Science and Faith

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The conference was jointly sponsored by Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture and Westminster Theological Seminary. Source
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Keating, Krauss, Tour: Three Jewish Scientists with Remarkably Different Perspectives

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Here is a fascinating and very different pair of scientific, religious, and philosophical conversations, both with UC San Diego physicist Brian Keating. Source
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The Disrespecting Marriage Act

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By John D. Ferrer Marriage is under fire… again. The red wave in November might have helped put out the fire, but not when the wave is just a trickle. Unless something wild happens in Arizona and Georgia, the Democrats will retain the Senate majority. Republicans will gain a slight majority in the House of Representatives, but that doesn’t start till January. That leaves a one-month window for a democrat-majority House and Senate to cram everything they can into law before New Year’s. One of those cram jobs is the “Respect for Marriage Act.”[i] Following Senate majority leader Chuck Shumer, Democrats are expected to pass the “Respect for Marriage Act.” The bill briefly mentions interracial marriages, which no one is disputing. that’s been legal in every state for decades now. That’s…
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Human Origins: All in the Family

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If a Neanderthal walked down the street, appropriately dressed, you probably wouldn’t notice. Source
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