#5 Story of 2022: The Rise of Totalitarian Science

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Now, facts are becoming clearer — and so are the momentous consequences of the pandemic for our culture. Source
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Slaying Leviathan Conference: John West on C. S. Lewis, Scientocracy, and More

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On Saturday in Tacoma, he will also discuss what we can learn about the relationship between faith and politics from American history in the 1800s. Source
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Darwinian Racism, Past and Present

Center for Science & Culture, Cesare Lombroso, Charles Darwin, criminology, Culture & Ethics, Darwin Comes to Africa, Darwin Day in America, Darwinism, DNA, Evolution, humans, Italy, materialism, Museum of Criminal Anthropology, racial struggle, Racism, Richard Weikart, The Descent of Man, Turin, white superiority
John West discusses his experience visiting the Museum of Criminal Anthropology in Turin, Italy, and Cesare Lombroso’s racist ideas about evolution. Source
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In the Footsteps of Social Darwinist Cesare Lombroso

biology, Cesare Lombroso, Charles Darwin, criminal justice, criminals, criminologists, criminology, Culture & Ethics, Darwin Day in America, Evolution, face masks, facial features, forensic medicine, head shape, heredity, Italy, museums, phrenology, prisoners, skeleton, skulls, Social Darwinism, Turin, University of Torino
Lombroso’s ideas were quack science. But they were taken seriously by criminologists and public officials around the world until they were debunked. Source
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Before the Third Reich: America’s Darwinist Eugenics Crusade

Adolf Hitler, Carrie Buck, Catholics, Center for Science & Culture, Culture & Ethics, Darwin Day in America, Darwinian theory, Discovery Institute, eugenics, Evangelical Christians, Evolution, forced sterilization, history, John West, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., religious leaders, Richard Weikart, scientists, Supreme Court, United States
One of the most famous instances was Carrie Buck, sterilized as “feeble minded” despite going on to live a normal productive life. Source
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Darwinism and Scientific Totalitarianism: John West’s Darwin Day in America

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The afterword, on “Totalitarian Science,” published in 2015, shows John West as a prophet of things to come. Source
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The Tragedy of Francis Collins’s Model for Science-Faith Integration 

abortion, Bible, Casey Luskin, China, Christianity, Christianity Today, Culture & Ethics, Darwin Day in America, Darwinian evolution, Downs syndrome, Ed Stetzer, ENCODE, Evangelical Christians, Francis Collins, gain-of-function research, George W. Bush, Intelligent Design, Jonathan Witt, Junk DNA, Karl Giberson, Kenneth Miller, Mark Galli, Medicine, Michael Behe, Michael Carome, National Institutes of Health, Obama Administration, pastores, premature babies, professors, pundists, Science (journal), The Language of God, The New England Journal of Medicine, University of Alabama-Birmingham, vaccination
The depiction of Francis Collins as someone who has developed a good model for integrating faith and science is in many respects a tragic myth. Source
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Why Should a Baby Live?

abortion, Alberto Giubilini, babies, Caenorhabditis elegans, Culture & Ethics, Danio rerio, Darwin Day in America, developmental biology, Drosophila melanogaster, Drosophila simulans, embryonic age, empirical science, fallopian tube, fertilization, fetus, Francesca Minerva, gastrulation, Haeckel’s embryos, Homo sapiens, human being, humans, identical twins, John West, last menstrual period, Lewis Wolpert, materialistic philosophy, materialistic science, Medicine, monozygotic twins, mother, ovulation, pain, phylotypic stage, Roman Catholicism, zygote
My title is adapted from a 2012 article by two philosophers, Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva. Source
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Why “Humanize”? A New Effort to Defend the Unique Dignity of Human Beings

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Hello. My name is Wesley J. Smith and I am honored to be chairman of Discovery Institute’s Center on Human Exceptionalism. I am writing to you here to introduce the CHE’s new blog, which we call Humanize. Humanize will complement and supplement the important work of the Center for Science & Culture and its invaluable Evolution News site.  Why did we choose “Humanize” as the name for the site? The once self-evident truth of human exceptionalism is under intensifying attack, as readers of Evolution News know well. Indeed, one of the tragic trends in thinking about evolution has been to blur the distinction between humans and animals. History warns us not to regard this lightly. Recent documentaries by Discovery Institute Vice President John West, Human Zoos and The Biology of…
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