Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, and Intelligent Design

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Given Lincoln’s acknowledgment of the evidence of design in nature, he would be banned from expressing his views on evolution in most public schools today. Source
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For Darwin Day, Topoisomerase Webinar With Biochemist Joe Deweese

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This webinar will premiere a new molecular machine animation on the topoisomerase enzyme. Source
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Darwin and Race: Three Strikes, He’s Out

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February is Black History Month, and this week, Friday, February 12, is Darwin Day — the birthday of Charles Darwin. Source
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Say Happy Birthday to Charles Darwin

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Today, February 12, is Charles Darwin’s birthday. For the past two decades, secularists and atheists have celebrated “Darwin Day” almost like a religious holiday. Tonight, for example, the American Humanist Association will hold an event where they promise you can “Discover how Darwin’s apostles… launched a campaign for truth.” I’m not kidding — they really do refer to “Darwin’s apostles”! Meanwhile, the official Facebook page for Darwin Day posts statements like this: “Using scientific logic, we can be as sure of God’s nonexistence as we are of the nonexistence of the aether, phlogiston or werewolves!” The Cult of Darwin While some continue to worship in the cult of Darwin, here is some good news in time for Darwin’s birthday: The number of prominent scientists around the world who are leaving Darwin behind…
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Looking Forward to Darwin Day? Check Out the Trailer for Behe’s Secrets of the Cell

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For Darwin Day, February 12, we are a launching a new five-part series with biochemist Michael Behe, Secrets of the Cell. You can see the splendid trailer now: It was Dr. Behe’s insight that the view of evolution as driven by unguided, purposeless processes alone can’t survive an up-close encounter with the “black box,” unknown to Charles Darwin, the cell. Celebrate Darwin’s birthday by coming here, to Evolution News, next Wednesday and sharing the secrets of life, in a beautiful and accessible new series, widely with your friends and family. The post Looking Forward to Darwin Day? Check Out the Trailer for Behe’s <i>Secrets of the Cell</i> appeared first on Evolution News.
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