Happy Thanksgiving! Here Are Michael Denton’s Top 3 Reasons for Optimism About ID

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One reason, he says, is the “relentless” growth of the ID movement, in academia and around the world. This conversation is itself evidence on the latter point. Source
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Are Plants Cognitive, Intelligent Beings?

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Some plant biologists want to see them that way; others continue to insist on a Darwinian view. Source
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With Becket Cook, David Berlinski Discusses Speech as a Problem for Darwin, and More

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Dog owners know that to look into your dog’s eyes is often to see that the dog has something he wishes to say but lacks the “machinery for externalization.” Source
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 “What Is a Man?” — New Book Out Today from Nancy Pearcey

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Set aside one question of the moment — “What is a woman?” — and turn to another no less important problem that troubles our culture. Source
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Listen: In a New Book, David Berlinski Gives the Devil His Due

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Berlinski is at his best as he discusses everything from the Tower of Babel as a metaphor for modern science, to his friendship with Marcel Schützenberger. Source
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A Living and Symphonic Order — Appreciating Anthony Esolen

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I knew I wanted to choose someone who wrote beautifully. He, however, was someone I didn't know, and I could not predict his views on intelligent design. Source
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Fossil Friday: The Explosive Origin of Mosasaurs in the Cretaceous

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The math of population genetics precludes a Darwinian origin of these new genes in such a short time. Source
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In Breath-Holding, Kate Winslet and a Croc Are Champions

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Kate Winslet, and other actors, for the sake of “the newest frontier in blockbuster moviemaking” are learning to hold their breath for several minutes. Source
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