With Becket Cook, David Berlinski Discusses Speech as a Problem for Darwin, and More

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Dog owners know that to look into your dog’s eyes is often to see that the dog has something he wishes to say but lacks the “machinery for externalization.” Source
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Listen: In a New Book, David Berlinski Gives the Devil His Due

Andrew McDiarmid, Chinese Revolution, Darwinism, David Berlinski, Evolution, ID The Future, intellectuals, Intelligent Design, Marcel Schützenberger, materialistic science, mathematicians, mathematics, Paris, philosophers, Podcast, Science After Babel, Tower of Babel, Wistar Symposium
Berlinski is at his best as he discusses everything from the Tower of Babel as a metaphor for modern science, to his friendship with Marcel Schützenberger. Source
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James Tour Focused on Science, Dave Farina on Character Assassination: So, Who Wins?

Alexander Vilenkin, atheists, Avi Loeb, biology, character assassination, Charles Lineweaver, Chemistry, Christoph Adami, Darwin-skeptics, Dave Farina, David Berlinski, Denis Noble, Discovery Institute, enzymes, Evolution, genetic fallacy, Ian Tattersall, Inference (journal), James Shapiro, James Tour, Jean-Pierre Luminet, Jeremy England, Lawrence Krauss, Lee Cronin, Life Sciences, Martin Rees, Noam Chomsky, polymers, polynucleotides, polypeptides, Professor Dave, Professor Dave Explains, proteins, Richard Dawkins, RNA, specified information, The Workhorse of the Cell
Professor Dave’s attacks undercut his credibility as a spokesman for his own view. If he had the truth on his side, there’s no reason he would behave this way. Source
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Our Education Isn’t Free: Let’s Say “Thank You!” for It Together

Ann Gauger, biological origins, Brian Miller, Casey Luskin, Center for Science & Culture, David Berlinski, Discovery Institute, editor, Education, Emily Reeves, Evolution, Evolution News, Granville Sewell, Günter Bechly, Heroes, Intelligent Design, Internet, John West, Jonathan Wells, Michael Behe, Michael Egnor, Paul Nelson, readers, scholarship, science, Stephen Meyer, teachers, typos
The culture out there is the violent waves and stormy winds that oppose us, and would plunge us to the bottom of the sea if they could. Source
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Berlinski, Metaxas in NYC: What Is a Human Being?

biological origins, Culture & Ethics, Darwinian theory, Darwinists, David Berlinski, dress code, Eric Metaxas, Events, human exceptionalism, human nature, Human Nature (book), Human Origins, Intelligent Design, jungle, materialism, New York City, philosophy, Psalms, Socrates in the City, Union League Club
The issues involved in the evolution debate derive their interest and importance largely from one question. Source
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Darwinists Seek to Explain the Eye’s Engineering Perfection

airy nothings, biology, bipolar cells, Cambrian Explosion, Charles Darwin, consensus, Current Biology, Dan-Eric Nilsson, Darwinian theory, David Berlinski, Doubts About Darwin, Engineering, Evolution, inevitability, Intelligent Design, Jonathan Wells, light-sensitive spot, Neil Thomas, photoreceptors, retina, Richard Dawkins, The Design Revolution, Thomas Woodward, Tom Baden, vertebrate eye, visualization
First, they turn evolution into an engineer. Personification is a common ploy by Darwinists. Source
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David Berlinski on Architectural Nihilism, Human Nature and the Holocaust, and Emotivism

A Short History of Mathematics, A Tour of the Calculus, analytic philosophy, Center for Human Exceptionalism, Center for Science & Culture, Columbia University, Culture & Ethics, Darwinism, David Berlinski, differential topology, Evolution, Holocaust, human nature, Humanize, mathematics, Newton’s Gift, philosophy, philosophy of mathematics, Podcast, Princeton University, systems analysis, The Advent of the Algorithm, The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions, The King of Infinite Space: Euclid and His Elements, theoretical biology
We live in intellectually mediocre times, when commitment to true debate has been replaced by a desire to stifle heterodox thought. Source
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Christmas Thought — Intelligent Design Is Good News that Brings Hope

Casey Luskin, Center for Science & Culture, Christmas, Christmas songs, David Berlinski, David Klinghoffer, Discovery Institute, Douglas Axe, Evolution News, Faith & Science, Günter Bechly, Intelligent Design, Jay Richards, John West, Jonathan Wells, Michael Behe, Michael Egnor, Michael Flannery, Richard Sternberg, Stephen Meyer
I am sitting here listening to Christmas songs as old as I am. Doesn’t anyone write new Christmas songs? Source
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