Ray Kurzweil Predicts: The “Singularity” by 2045

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Under Kurzweil’s transhumanist vision of the future, AI promises us superhuman capabilities complete with heaven on earth and eternal life Source
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Kepler’s Pursuit of a Mathematical Cosmology

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Dr. Travis tracks the progression of Kepler’s ideas to show how he became a key figure in the transition from ancient astronomy to a true celestial physics. Source
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Watch: “Cosmic Mind, Divine Action, and Design-Engaged Theology”

Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence, Center for Science and Culture, Charles Taliaferro, conferences, cosmic history, Discovery Institute, Events, Faith & Science, faith and science, human soul, Intelligent Design, J.P. Moreland, Joshua Farris, Michael Egnor, philosophy, soul, Stephen Meyer, The Creation of Self, theology
“The event examined intelligent design and its implications for science-engaged theology. Collectively, it made the case for a God who cares." Source
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Why Intelligent Design Best Explains the Fossil Record Data

bounded adaptation, Casey Luskin, CELS, Center for Science and Culture, complex organisms, Conference on Engineering and Living Systems, Darwinian theory, Discovery Institute, earth, Eric Anderson, explosion model, fossil record, ID The Future, intelligent causation, Intelligent Design, paleomagnetism, paleontology, Podcast, punctuated equilibrium, stasis, Stephen Meyer, Theistic Evolution (book), University of Johannesburg
The fossil record is consistent with the engineering-based theory of bounded adaptation Source
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The Human Body as a Marvel of Engineering

Center on Human Exceptionalism, Discovery Institute, Engineering, engineers, heritability, Howard Glicksman, human body, Humanize, ID The Future, Intelligent Design, Medicine, natural selection, neo-Darwinian theory, Podcast, random mutation, Steve Laufmann, Wesley J. Smith, Your Designed Body
“The systems that are required to make the human body work,” says Steve Laufmann, “are exactly the kinds of things that engineers design and build.” Source
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Protein Evolution, the Waiting-Time Problem, and the Intriguing Possibility of Two First Parents

Adam and Eve, Ann Gauger, biology, Center for Science and Culture, Darwinian theory, Discovery Institute, Eric Anderson, Evolution, Human Origins, humans, ID The Future, Intelligent Design, monogenesis, mutations, Parents, Podcast, population genetics, protein evolution, proteins, waiting-time problem
After being asked to evaluate the scientific case against Adam and Eve, Ann Gauger dove into population genetics. Source
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