Stephen Meyer, James Tour: The Origin-of-Life Hustle

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Researchers perform experiments using specially purchased chemical ingredients and assure the credulous science media that this has something relevant to say. Source
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Origin of Life: Cambridge Astrochemist Paul Rimmer Analyzes the Tour-Farina Debate

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The differing perspectives of Tour and Rimmer result from the differences in their starting assumptions. Source
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Origin of Life: Saved by Time?

antagonist, biochemistry, Canada, chemical reactants, early Earth, Evolution, First Life from Purely Natural Means? (series), Francis Crick, George Wald, habitability, hero, Intelligent Design, materialists, microfossils, Miracle, Nobel Prize, Nuvvuagittuq belt, origin of life, Quebec, Scientific American
Many materialists believe that the severe unlikelihood of the series of events required for the origin of life is not a serious problem. Source
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A Mystery: Prebiotic Synthesis of Simple Organic Monomers

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In 2010, University College London biochemist Nick Lane stated the primordial soup theory “doesn’t hold water” and is “past its expiration date.” Source
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Origin of Life from Basalt Lava Glass? Sorry, No

Astrobiology (journal), basalt lava glass, Chemistry, cyclic trimetaphosphate, early Earth, earth, Evolution, Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution, intelligent agency, Intelligent Design, investigators, Jack Szostak, James Tour, Mars, natural processes, nickel borate, nucleoside triphosphates, nucleosides, nucleotides, origin of life, phosphates, ribonucleic acid, RNA, RNA world, rock glasses
An honest evaluation of the studies leads to the conclusion that the formation of RNA could not have occurred through any natural processes on the early earth. Source
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New Animation on Topoisomerase Demonstrates Irrationality of Denying Design Evidence in Biology

amino acids, animation, ATP, biology, Danièle Gadelle, dehydration, DNA, double helix, early Earth, enzyme, Evolution, genomes, homochirality, hydration, Intelligent Design, intelligent designer, molecular machines, origin of life, Patrick Forterre, projection, psychology, replication, scientific materialism, supercoiling, topoisomerases, transcription
Replication or transcription of DNA stresses the macromolecule, resulting in supercoiling. Topoisomerase II relieves the stress. Source
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A New Flaw in the Miller-Urey Experiment, and a Few Old Ones

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It is an interesting finding, but as Wells explains, it is far from the first problem discovered with the experiment, nor the most serious one. Source
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