As Long as It Doesn’t Hurt Anyone Or does it?

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Watching classic TV recently I ran across one of my favorite episodes of the Twilight Zone series. Fans of that show will probably remember the classic episode “To Serve Man.” In the story, aliens from a distant world come to Earth with they offer “to help.” Initially reluctant, the inhabitants of Earth are quickly convinced that the aliens mean them no harm; quite the contrary, alien technology helps to eliminate many of Earth’s struggles and problems, and the inhabitants of Earth are quickly seduced by the aliens’ promises. As the story progresses, the aliens offer to take people to their home world, which they promise is a veritable paradise. Many sign up and soon embark on the alien ships to begin their adventure. And why shouldn’t they? After all, everything…
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The Fear of Suffering Is Driving Us Crazy

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Our suffering phobia has triggered a harmful societal neurosis that has both subverted human exceptionalism and undermined societal common sense. Source
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Will Laws Protecting the Unborn Endanger Mothers?

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A fallacy used by abortionists and their allies is that doctors will be handicapped by having to comply with the law applicable to the care of their patients. Source
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Fact Check: Yes, Human Life Begins at Fertilization

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So what are we to make of a scientific profession in which scientific experts consistently distort the science of human life? Source
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