“Eugenicons”? Call Them What They Are — Social Darwinists

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It’s sad when once-useful words turn stale and disintegrate — like losing an old friend. Source
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Cambridge UP Book Airbrushes Darwin’s Contribution to Scientific Racism

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Darwin’s racist and pro-eugenics thinking, combined with some implications of his theory that he expressed, laid the groundwork for Hitler’s diabolical outlook. Source
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#5 Story of 2022: The Rise of Totalitarian Science

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Now, facts are becoming clearer — and so are the momentous consequences of the pandemic for our culture. Source
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Before the Third Reich: America’s Darwinist Eugenics Crusade

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One of the most famous instances was Carrie Buck, sterilized as “feeble minded” despite going on to live a normal productive life. Source
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Whoopi Goldberg: Ignorant about Darwinian Racism; But of Course She Shouldn’t Be Fired

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Hitler was clear that he deplored the mistake of basing anti-Semitism on “religious ideas instead of racial knowledge.” Source
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Bioethicists Okay Human Extinction to Eliminate Suffering

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A few months ago, Oxford professor Roger Crisp opined that we might not want to stop a huge asteroid from hitting the Earth. Source
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