Casey Luskin Debunks a Museum’s Evolutionary Propaganda

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Luskin and host Eric Anderson call evolutionary theory to task for being overly supple, offering just-so stories to explain a behavior AND its opposite. Source
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An Engineering Marvel: Uncovering the Mechanism of Respiratory Complex I

amphipathic helix, antiporter, ATP synthase, biochemists, biology, carboxylates, crystal structure, design triangulation, electricity, electron transfer, electron transport chain, Engineering, Evolution, evolutionary theory, generators, homology, Hoover Dam, hydrophobic, Institute of Science and Technology, Intelligent Design, laptop, Leonid Sazanov, lysine residues, membrane domain, membrane lipids, molecular machines, Nanoscale, Paul Nelson, power adapter, proteins, proton pumps, quinone, Research, Respiratory Complex I, structural biologists, water, water wires
Complex I is involved in the electron transport chain, which is part of the biochemical process by which we create ATP, the energy molecule of life. Source
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A Physician’s Fantastic Voyage through Your Designed Body

biology, bodily functions, Complexity, Darwinism, evolutionary theory, gradualism, hearing, Howard Glicksman, human body, Intelligent Design, interdependent systems, just-so stories, Medicine, Pat Flynn, Philosophy for the People, physicians, Steve Laufmann, systems engineering, vision, Your Designed Body
Begin by piling up the layers of complexity in the human body — the layer upon layer of complex interdependent systems. Source
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Revising the Linnaean System: Where to Locate Viruses? And the Problem with Mitochondria

alpha-proteobacterium, bacteriophage, BioEssays, Biological Reviews, biology, cellular life, censorship, cytoplasm, Dave Speijer, domain, endosymbiotic hypothesis, eukarya, eukaryogenesis, Evolution, Evolution News, evolutionary theory, free speech, Intelligent Design, Jonathan Wells, Linnaean taxonomy, mitochondria, nucleic acid, protein, replicon, viruses
The venue for a remarkable call for government censorship of science was a peer-reviewed biology journal. Source
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Troubles with the Tree of Life

Acta Biotheoretica, Amadeo Estrada, DNA, Evolution, evolutionary theory, Intelligent Design, Last Universal Common Ancestor, Latin America, LUCA, molecular sequences, molecular studies, National Autonomous University of Mexico, origin of life, Philosophy of Science, reconstructions, Research, RNA, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Thomas Kuhn, Tree of Life, W. Ford Doolittle
Sixty years ago, philosopher of science Thomas Kuhn listed what he described as the “symptoms” of a research field undergoing destabilizing change. Source
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Luskin, Shapiro: Has Intelligent Design Waned?

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Shapiro suggests that ID often amounts to a presenter highlighting an amazing feature in biology and then giving glory to God. Source
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