The New Post-Junk-DNA Paradigm of Molecular Biology: RNA Genes

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RNA genes have many functions but a large proportion entail gene regulation-related functions that fall within the category of epigenetics. Source
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An Impressive Instance of Unguided Evolution? Not So Much

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“There is a desire for the theory to be true in spite of the science," says Cornelius Hunter, "not because of the science.” Source
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The Return of Natural Theology

Brian Miller, Charles Darwin, chemicals, Energy, entropy, evolutionary theory, Faith & Science, God's Grandeur, ID The Future, Intelligent Design, materialism, materialists, multiverse, natural processes, natural theology, order, origin of life, Pat Flynn, philosophers, Philosophy for the People, Podcast, reason
Influenced by a long line of materialist thinkers, Charles Darwin proposed the mechanism of natural selection as a substitute for God. Source
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In Some Science Contexts, “Emergence” Really Means “We Don’t Know How”

Abram, Artificial Intelligence, caterpillars, consciousness, Derek Cabrera, emergence, empathy, Evolution, evolutionary theory, explanations, Genesis, intelligence, language, materialism, mind, monotheism, Neuroscience & Mind, origin of life, promissory materialism, religion, RNA, robotics, socialization, transcendental aesthetics, Yervant Kulbashian
The word often permits the improbable to be considered probable for the purposes of sounding like science without providing any. Source
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Michael Behe, Stephen Meyer, John Lennox: The Evidence for Design Is Growing

academia, cosmology, evolutionary theory, Faith & Science, Fiesole, Hoover Institution, ID The Future, Intelligent Design, Italy, John Lennox, Michael Behe, physical world, Podcast, science, scientific method, Stephen Meyer, Uncommon Knowledge, universe
In a conversation in Fiesole, Italy, three leading thinkers explore the growing problems with modern evolutionary theory and the increasing evidence for design. Source
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Michael Behe on Why Lenski’s Experiments Show Devolution, Not Evolution

breaking things, citrate, Darwin Devolves, E. coli, Evolution, evolutionary biologists, evolutionary theory, flasks, genes, genetic information, ID The Future, Intelligent Design, Long Term Evolution Experiment, Michael Behe, Michigan State University, mutations, niche advantages, novelty, oxygen, Podcast
Biochemist Michael Behe reviews the well-known Long Term Evolution Experiment at Michigan State. Source
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Casey Luskin Debunks a Museum’s Evolutionary Propaganda

Casey Luskin, Darwinian processes, DNA, Eric Anderson, Evolution, evolutionary theory, Fazale Rana, Guillermo Gonzalez, Hugh Ross, Human Origins, ID The Future, James Tour, just-so stories, Marcos Eberlin, Maropeng Museum, materialism, Podcast, Richard Dawkins, Science and Faith in Dialogue, South Africa, Stephen Meyer
Luskin and host Eric Anderson call evolutionary theory to task for being overly supple, offering just-so stories to explain a behavior AND its opposite. Source
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An Engineering Marvel: Uncovering the Mechanism of Respiratory Complex I

amphipathic helix, antiporter, ATP synthase, biochemists, biology, carboxylates, crystal structure, design triangulation, electricity, electron transfer, electron transport chain, Engineering, Evolution, evolutionary theory, generators, homology, Hoover Dam, hydrophobic, Institute of Science and Technology, Intelligent Design, laptop, Leonid Sazanov, lysine residues, membrane domain, membrane lipids, molecular machines, Nanoscale, Paul Nelson, power adapter, proteins, proton pumps, quinone, Research, Respiratory Complex I, structural biologists, water, water wires
Complex I is involved in the electron transport chain, which is part of the biochemical process by which we create ATP, the energy molecule of life. Source
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A Physician’s Fantastic Voyage through Your Designed Body

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Begin by piling up the layers of complexity in the human body — the layer upon layer of complex interdependent systems. Source
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