Happy New Year! #1 Story of 2022: Evolutionists Admit Their Field’s Failures

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If you’ve ever owned an automobile toward the end of its life, the situation will be familiar. Source
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There Is No Settled “Theory of Evolution”

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What is evolution? In other words, what is core to the theory — and not forfeitable? It’s naturalism. Period. Source
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The Gollum Effect in Science, from Tycho Brahe to Today

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Brahe, a 16th-century Danish astronomer, sat on his astronomical research for years, rather than sharing it with Johannes Kepler, his assistant. Source
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Three Realities Chance Can’t Explain That Intelligent Design Can

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The argument for ID could not be clearer: Unintelligent forces cannot rearrange atoms into computers and airplanes and nuclear power plants and smartphones. Source
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Return of the Rafting Monkeys: Why Biogeography Is No Friend of Common Descent

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Evolutionists have to propose, for instance, that Old World monkeys rafted across the Atlantic from Africa to South America on a natural raft. Source
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Happy New Year! #1 Story of 2021: Cambrian Explosion Goes Nuclear

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Here are two very interesting updates to my recent articles on alleged Ediacaran animals and the Cambrian Explosion. Source
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