Dallas Conference: What Does “The Science” Really Say about Faith?

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This year's conference, February 17 and 18, will tackle subjects we haven't explored before, including archaeology, transgenderism, and tech addiction. Source
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Is Genesis “Mytho-History”? As a Guide to Scripture, William Lane Craig’s Book Falls Short

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As an old earther, I was dismayed by Craig’s failure to engage with common old earth interpretations of Genesis. Source
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“Lifelikeness” Without Intelligent Design? Brian Miller Responds to Jeremy England

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Dr. England has a poetic and ingenious article reflecting on God’s commissioning of Moses to lead the Jews out from Egypt. Source
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Evidence for the Exodus

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Podcast: Play in new window How many times have you heard that there is no evidence for the exodus, particularly no evidence from Egypt?  That claim is demonstrably false!  Archaeologist Dr. Titus Kennedy joins Frank along with Dr. Stephen Meyer of the Discovery Institute to review a list of eight findings, most from Egypt, that corroborate the Bible’s account of the exodus.  In fact, Dr. Kennedy recently traveled to northern Sudan (Egypt in biblical times) to confirm the oldest inscription ever discovered of Yahweh.  It’s from 1400 B.C. and sheds amazing light on the exodus. You’ll be able to read and see all of this when Dr. Kennedy’s new book, Unearthing the Bible, is published later this Spring.  But right now, you can hear some of the highlights.  Don’t miss this one.  Fascinating! Subscribe on iTunes: http://bit.ly/CrossExamined_Podcast rate and…
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