Fossil Friday: Fossil Sea Cows and the Abrupt Origin of Sirenia and Desmostylia

Afrotheria, Calvert Marine Museum, common descent, Darwinism, Desmostylia, dugongids, dugongs, elephants, Embrithopoda, Eocene, Evolution, Fossil Friday, fossil record, Ishatherium subathuensis, Jamaica, Lincoln Creek Formation, mammals, manatees, Paleocene, PaleoDB, paleontology, Pezosiren, Proboscidea, protosirenids, science, sea cows, Sirenia, sirenians, Steller’s sea cow, synapomorphies, Tethytheria, Washington State, whales
So, is every thing OK with Darwinism after all? No so fast. Actually, there are some problems that do not square well with a Darwinian scenario. Source
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Fossil Friday: Fossil Hyraxes and the Abrupt Origin of Hyracoidea

Afrotheria, Archaeohyracidae, Early Oligocene, East Africa, Egypt, elephant shrew, Fayum, Fossil Friday, fossil record, Geniohyiidae, George Cuvier, George Gaylord Simpson, Hippomorpha, Hyracoidea, hyraxes, Late Oligocene, Megalohyrax gevini, Microhyrax lavocati, Miohyracidae, Namahyracidae, Paenungulata, Paleogene, paleontology, phylogenetics, Pliohyracidae, Rukwalorax, Sagatheriidae, science, scrotum, Tanzania, Titanohyracidae, Titanohyrax andrewsi, Titanohyrax mongereaui, Titanohyrax tantulus
Of course, it is only we “nitpicking” intelligent design proponents who point out such incongruences. Source
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Fossil Friday: Fake Amber and the Piltdown Fly

amber, Andrew Ross, April Fools' Day, Baltic amber, cladistics, Dominican Republic, Eastern Asia, Eastern Europe, Evolution, Fannia scalaris, forgeries, forgers, Fossil Friday, latrine fly, London, Mexico, Natural History Museum, paleontology, Piltdown fly, Schlauben, State Museum of Natural History, Stuttgart, tree resin, Willi Hennig
Such simple forgeries are commonly sold to tourists in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Eastern Europe, and Eastern Asia. Source
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Fossil Friday: A Fossil Butterfly Lookalike

apomorphies, beetles, Brazil, butterflies, butterflies of the Jurassic, convergence, Crato Formation, Darwinism, design pattern, Fossil Friday, fossil record, genetic predispositions, insects, Intelligent Design, Kalligrammatidae, lacewing, Lower Cretaceous, Lower Jurassic, Makarkina adamsi, Makarkina kerneri, mouthparts, natural selection, neuropterans, paleontology, science, Simon Conway Morris, Stephen Jay Gould, tape of life, University of Tübingen, wing span
An intelligent design paradigm can easily accommodate convergences as a natural consequence of a designer reusing the same ideas in different constructions. Source
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Fossil Friday: Turtles All the Way Down

Acerosodontosaurus, Bavaria, carapax, China, Claudiosaurus, convergence, Eorhynchochelys, Eunotosaurus, Eurysternum wagleri, Evolution, Fossil Friday, fossils, Germany, Intelligent Design, lepidosaurs, Middle Permian, Middle Triassic, Mörnsheim, Neo-Darwinism, Odontochelys, paleontology, Pappochelys, Parareptilia, phylogenetic reconstruction, phylogenomic studies, plastron, Proganochelys, Proterochersis, reptiles, sauropsids, Solnhofen Limestone, tortoises, turtle shell, turtles, Upper Jurassic
Contrary to the gradualistic expectations of Darwin’s theory, the distinct body plan of turtles appeared abruptly in the Late Triassic. Source
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