Comparing Design Evidence in Physics Versus Biology — Is One Stronger than the Other?

Aaron Zimmer, Atheism, atheists, Big Bang, biology, cosmological constant, Darwinian theory, Elie Feder, Evolution, evolutionary history, fine-tuning, fossils, ID The Future, Intelligent Design, life forms, mathematics, multiverse, Paul Nelson, physical constants, physicists, physics, Physics to God, Physics, Earth & Space, Podcast, Return of the God Hypothesis, Stephen Meyer, Steven Weinberg, unguided processes, universe
The multiverse is nakedly an attempt to save atheism from science. Darwinian theory is less nakedly so. Source
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The Problem of Pain: Julian Huxley, Magnus Carlsen, and the Meaning of Life

Atheism, atheists, Charles Darwin, chess, chessboard, Evolution, Faith & Science, fossils, Intelligent Design, Julian Huxley, Lex Fridman, Magnus Carlsen, Meaning, meaning of life, meaninglessness, Norway, origin of life, Origin of Species, pain, paleontologists, religion, Thomas Henry Huxley, University of Chicago
In a conversation with Lex Fridman, Magnus Carlsen betrays no sense of empathy for how his view that life is an accident might negatively impact others. Source
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Jonathan Wells Evaluates Darwinian Evolution in New Online Course

antibiotic resistance, biology, cell biology, Darwin's Finches, Darwinian theory, developmental biology, DiscoveryU, Evolution, fossils, genetics, Icons of Evolution, ID The Future, Intelligent Design, Jonathan Wells, Junk DNA, materialism, molecular biology, natural selection, online course, peppered moths, Podcast, textbooks, whales
How strong is the evidence for Darwinian evolution? What are the limits of the Darwinian mechanism? Source
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Yes, Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence — Let’s Hear Some for Darwinian Evolution

Carl Sagan, chemical processes, computers, Cosmos (series), Evidence, Evolution, Evolution News, fossils, human brains, intelligence, Intelligent Design, iPhones, Irreducible Complexity, Michael Behe, natural causes, natural selection, origin of life, physics, Second Law of Thermodynamics, self-replicating machines, Technology, tornado, unintelligent forces
Carl Sagan famously said, “I believe that the extraordinary should be pursued. But extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Source
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Let’s Help “Professor Dave” Understand the Precambrian

Anabarites, bilaterians, Burgess Shale, Cambrian Explosion, Cambrotubulus, Carboniferous, Cloudina, Conotubus, Dave Farina, Dickinsonia, Ediacaran, embryos, Evolution, Fortunian, fossils, Gaojiashania, Intelligent Design, Kimberella, Mongolia, Namacalathus, Namapoikia, paleontology, Permian, Precambrian animals, Professor Dave, Protohertzina, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Meyer, Tommotian, Trilobozoa, wormworld
We have much to teach the non-professor, and I trust that he is grateful for the education being rendered to him here. Source
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“Lying on the Internet”? Debunking Dave Farina on Stephen Meyer

acritarchs, Avalon Assemblage, bilaterians, body plans, Cambrian Explosion, Carl Zimmer, Caveasphaera, China, Cladonia chlorophaea, Cloudina, cnidarians, Darwin's Doubt, Dave Farina, demosponges, Dickinsonia, Doushantuo fossils, embryos, Eumetazoa, Evolution, fossils, Gregory Retallack, Haootia quadriformis, Helicoforamina, homology, Ikaria, Intelligent Design, Internet, Joe Botting, Kimberella, Lantianella, Megasphaera, Metazoa, microfossils, Nama Assemblage, Namacalathus, New York Times, paleontology, Precambrian animals, Professor Dave, Spiralicellula, sponges, Stephen Jay Gould, Stephen Meyer, straw man, Tribrachidium, Vernanimalcula, White Sea assemblage, Xiuningella, Yilingia, YouTubers
A lot of nonsense gets published in peer-reviewed journals and it needs expertise to separate the wheat from the chaff. Farina lacks any expertise to do this. Source
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Sea Turtles Display Elegant Design Solutions; They’re Also Really Cute

baby sea turtles, biofluorescence, biology, bioluminescence, Captain Dave Anderson, Colombia, convergent evolution, Creatures of Light, Daniel Goldman, endangered species, Evolution, Florida Atlantic University, fossils, Georgia Institute of Technology, Honduras, humpback whale, Intelligent Design, littering, Live Science, Living Waters, National Geographic, plastic, plastic straws, Science (journal), sea turtles, sex chromosomes, Stephen Dunbar, University of Queensland
Apart from their being adorable, what many may not realize is that their motion on the sand is also amazingly efficient. Source
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Could We Ever Recover Dinosaur DNA?

Alan Grant, Alida Bailleul, Bozeman, Centrosaurus, dinosaur DNA, dinosaurs, DNA, Evolution, fossilization, fossils, Gizmodo, Hypacrosaurus, Ian Sample, Jack Horner, Jeanne Timmons, Jurassic Park, Mary Schweitzer, Montana, Museum of the Rockies, National Science Review, paleontologists, paleontology, Princeton University, Renxing Liang, soft tissue, The Guardian, wooly mammoth, Yukon
There have been a number of unexpected finds from dinosaurs besides bones; some paleontologists dig hopefully. Source
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