Great Expectations: Origins in Science Education

abiogenesis, Arkansas Tech University, atmosphere, college students, Dark Ages, Discovery Institute Press, DNA, early Earth, Education, Evolution and Intelligent Design in a Nutshell, high school students, information, James Tour, John Narcum, Miller-Urey experiment, molecular machines, origin of life, polymers, primordial soup, ribosomes, RNA world, The Mystery of Life’s Origin
How ironic then that a majority of college-educated adults have been led so far astray in their understanding of the sobering realities of abiogenesis research. Source
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Algorithmic Specified Complexity: Measuring Mount Rushmore

algorithmic specified complexity, aliens, American history, bacterial flagellum, biological systems, Dallas Conference on Science and Faith, Discovery Institute Dallas, humanoids, humans, images, information, Intelligent Design, Mount Rushmore, pre-existing patterns, Robert J. Marks, William Dembski, Winston Ewert
A non-humanoid gelatinous alien might assign no meaning to the faces on Mount Rushmore if the alien had never seen a humanoid. Source
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#3 Story of 2020: On the Origin of Life, My Response to Jeremy England

acoustic waves, band gap, Basic Books, chemical networks, early Earth, electricity, energy converter, entropy, Evolution, experimental data, fluctuation theorems, formaldehyde, free energy, hydrothermal vents, information, Intelligent Design, Jeremy England, magnetic field, minimally complex cell, natural engine, origin of life, racing car, speakers, spin glass, theory, Viktor Frankl, waveguide, wavelengths
Clearly, the questions he and I have discussed are not only of scientific or academic interest, but instead go to the root of life’s meaning and purpose. Source
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Missing the Point: Codes Are Not Products of Physics

"survival of the fittest", alanine, amino acids, Charles Thaxton, code, codons, Darwinian evolution, DNA, double helix, Energy Code, Escherichia coli, Evolution, genetic code, Horst H. Klump, information, Intelligent Design, Jens Völker, Kenneth J. Breslauer, Masayori Inouye, materialists, mind, Molecular Darwinism, natural selection, PNAS, probability, proteins, Quarterly Review of Biophysics, Roger Olsen, Rutgers University, Second Law of Thermodynamics, serine, Signature in the Cell, Stephen Meyer, The Mystery of Life’s Origin, thermodynamics, Walter Bradley
Elaborate schemes to explain the origin of the genetic code from the laws of physics and chemistry miss the whole point about codes. Source
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Morphogenesis: Coding for Shape

3-D printing, Allen Discovery Center, amoeba, anatomy, beetles, biological revolution, biological shapes, brachiosaurs, chick, crabs, Darwinism, Douglas Axe, embryonic development, Engineering, eukaryotes, Evolution, functional whole, Harvard University, Hydra, Illustra Media, information, Information Technology, Intelligent Design, liver, liver enzymes, Michael Levin, morphogenesis, octopuses, paramecium, planaria, rotifers, sequoias, Stentor, Terminator 2, The Scientist, Tufts University, Undeniable, Wyss Institute
How do you get a 3-D shape from a linear code? That is the puzzle of morphogenesis. Source
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