Alfred Russel Wallace’s Bicentennial Year: A Cause for Celebration and for Sadness

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All the hyperbole shows the fix is in — Wallace has been made safe for scientism and Darwinian reductionism. The academy can breathe easy. Source
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The Sense of Hearing Is a Masterpiece of Engineering

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It strains credulity to suppose that an unguided process of random variation sifted by natural selection could assemble such a delicately arranged system. Source
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The New Post-Junk-DNA Paradigm of Molecular Biology: RNA Genes

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RNA genes have many functions but a large proportion entail gene regulation-related functions that fall within the category of epigenetics. Source
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Tomorrow: Webinar with Maverick Scientist Forrest Mims

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Prepared to be entertained — and inspired — by the man who describes his life as “one continuous science fair project.” Source
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Alfred Russel Wallace: A Life in Science, Rediscovered

A Narrative of Travels on the Amazon and Rio Negro, Alfred Russel Wallace, botany, Charles Darwin, Charles Lyell, Evolution, H.M.S. Beagle, Intelligent Design, Island Life, Joseph Conrad, Joseph Hooker, Linnean Society, Malay Archipelago, Michael Flannery, Nature's Prophet, Palms of the Amazon and Rio Negro, Robert Chambers, Samuel Stevens, Sarawak Law, Somerset Maugham, South America, The Malay Archipelago, Use, Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation, Walter Henry Bates
Despite the notoriety of Wallace in his own day, he remains a comparatively obscure figure in the history of biology. Source
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Happy Thanksgiving! Here Are Michael Denton’s Top 3 Reasons for Optimism About ID

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One reason, he says, is the “relentless” growth of the ID movement, in academia and around the world. This conversation is itself evidence on the latter point. Source
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Design: A Scientific Proxy for Intelligence

Antarctica, arson, biology, carbon dioxide, Dead Sea Scrolls, design detection, Evolution, geological history, Greenland Ice Sheet Project, intelligence, intelligent agency, Intelligent Design, Lake Vostok, magnetic field, Michael Egnor, minds, natural forces, Paul Nelson, probability, shales, water, Willaim Dembski
The Dead Sea Scrolls are an example of a design artifact for which intelligence is inferred as the source. Source
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