Why Free Will Denial Is Self-Refuting

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The only "scientific" basis for the denial of free will is determinism, the theory that every change in nature is determined prior to its occurrence. Source
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What Deep Social Change Underlies the War on Math?

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The universal language of science is sinking under the weight of claims about trauma and privilege. Source
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FAQ: The Cambrian Explosion Is Real, and It Is a Problem for Evolution

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An email correspondent who is friendly to intelligent design (ID) recently wrote us asking how to respond to common objections to ID arguments about the Cambrian explosion. Source
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Jerry Coyne — An Evolutionist and His Ideology

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At least some others have the courage to stand for what they believe even in the face of potential criticism. Source
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Assessing Denis Noble’s (Non-ID) Critique of Darwinism

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No matter what we do to the DNA of a fruit fly embryo, there are only three possible outcomes: a normal fruit fly, a defective fruit fly, or a dead fruit fly. Source
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The Challenge from Jason Rosenhouse

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"The response would be a lot chillier if they tried the same arguments in front of audiences with the relevant expertise." Is that so? Source
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Chances That Life Originated Without Intelligent Design? “Zero,” Says Physicist Eric Hedin

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The idea of setting a percentage to the chances of ID being true reminds me of Hedin’s fellow physicist, Nobel Prize-winner Brian Josephson. Source
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