Fox News Article Shows Why Evolutionary Solutions to Adam and Eve Fail to Satisfy

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Is William Lane Craig’s book good news for Christians? I’m not so sure, and here’s one reason why. Source
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Lessons Not Learned from the Evangelical Debate over Adam and Eve

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To his credit, William Lane Craig is among those evangelicals who have been willing to question arguments against Adam and Eve. Source
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Lessons from the Evangelical Debate About Adam and Eve

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The standard evolutionary account of human origins holds that our population has always been in the thousands and humanity did not descend from an initial pair. Source
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Traditional or Not? Assessing William Lane Craig’s Model on Adam and Eve

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I’m having trouble making sense of exactly what his model holds. And it seems I’m not alone. Source
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Confronting Joshua Swamidass on Confrontation

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Swamidass got it wrong, and it’s perfectly appropriate for me to confront him on that. I wasn’t talking about any approach to human argumentation at all. Source
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Watch: Bechly and Swamidass Debate Intelligent Design

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One highlight is Dr. Bechly’s summation of his scientific reasons for affirming intelligent design. This produces the response from host Justin Brierley: “Wow.” Source
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Joshua Swamidass and the Cancellation of Christian Colleges

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The only way to truth in science is to permit and even encourage challenges to orthodoxy. Source
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In the Name of “Academic Freedom,” a Scientist Calls for Punishing Creationists

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The practice has a sordid history. There’s always a rationale — for example, in labeling Israeli businesses, or those doing business with Israel, to be avoided. Source
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The Myth of Behe “Refuted”

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Once again, Darwinists seek to avoid an argument by using clever talk, giving the false impression of a scientist, Behe, who brushes away challenges. Source
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A Physician Describes How Behe, and Intelligent Design, Changed His Mind

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There’s no better tribute to the power of ideas than a changed mind. Erik Strandness is a physician in Spokane, WA, practicing neonatal medicine. Source
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