Casey Luskin Debunks a Museum’s Evolutionary Propaganda

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Luskin and host Eric Anderson call evolutionary theory to task for being overly supple, offering just-so stories to explain a behavior AND its opposite. Source
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Is Human Psychology Better Explained by Evolution or Design?

African Savannah, art, behavior, cathedrals, Daniel Dennett, Darwinian evolution, David Barash, environment of evolutionary adaptedness, evo psych, Evolution, evolutionary psychologists, evolutionary psychology, genes, Henry Schlinger, Human Origins, humans, Intelligent Design, Judith Eve Lipton, just-so stories, Marc Hauser, Moon, museums, music, Oskar Schindler, Philip Skell, Pleistocene, Richard Dawkins, Subrena Smith, survival machines, The Descent of Man, Victorian England
“We are survival machines,” wrote atheist biologist Richard Dawkins, “robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes.” Source
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A Physician’s Fantastic Voyage through Your Designed Body

biology, bodily functions, Complexity, Darwinism, evolutionary theory, gradualism, hearing, Howard Glicksman, human body, Intelligent Design, interdependent systems, just-so stories, Medicine, Pat Flynn, Philosophy for the People, physicians, Steve Laufmann, systems engineering, vision, Your Designed Body
Begin by piling up the layers of complexity in the human body — the layer upon layer of complex interdependent systems. Source
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Springtails: Wingless Arthropods that Can Fly

abdomen, Adrian Smith, Antarctica, Arthropoda, arthropods, biology, Collembola, Darwinism, Entognatha, etymology, Evolution, furcula, Georgia Tech, Hexapod Gap, hexapods, imitation, insects, Intelligent Design, Isotomurus retardatus, just-so stories, Latin, Namib desert, non-insects, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, PNAS, popcorn, Sandra Schachat, Science Uprising, South Korea, springtails, Stanford University, unfolding, Victor M. Ortega-Jimenez
The fossil record shows a “Hexapod Gap.” Unfortunately for Darwin, the two leading theories to explain the gap can be ruled out. Source
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There Is No Settled “Theory of Evolution”

biology, common descent, convergence, debates, directed mutations, Erik Svensson, Evolution, evolutionists, gradualism, just-so stories, lineage-specific biology, Lund University, multiverse, mutations, natural selection, naturalism, random causes, rapid divergence, saltationism, science, textbooks, The Conversation
What is evolution? In other words, what is core to the theory — and not forfeitable? It’s naturalism. Period. Source
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Honoring Richard Lewontin, Famed Evolutionary Biologist and Sometime Critic of His Own Field

"God of the gaps", adaptationist, Billions and Billions of Demons, brachiopod shells, Carl Sagan, Charles Darwin, Darioconus auricomus, Darwinism, empirical science, Evolution, Harvard University, Herbert Spencer, historical sciences, intelligent causation, Intelligent Design, Jerry Coyne, Jerry Fodor, John A. Moore, just-so stories, Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini, methodological naturalism, Origin of Species, Richard Lewontin, sea snail, spandrels, Stephen Jay Gould, The New York Review of Books, What Darwin Got Wrong, William Dembski, zoologists
The quote for which Lewontin has become best known appeared in his 1997 review of a book by Carl Sagan. Source
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