Watchdog Group Calls Professor Dave “Anti-Semite of the Week”; Plus an Appeal to the New Atheists

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Does this have anything to do with intelligent design and the evolution debate? Yes, two things. Source
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James Tour Focused on Science, Dave Farina on Character Assassination: So, Who Wins?

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Professor Dave’s attacks undercut his credibility as a spokesman for his own view. If he had the truth on his side, there’s no reason he would behave this way. Source
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Keating, Krauss, Tour: Three Jewish Scientists with Remarkably Different Perspectives

atheists, Brian Keating, Catholicism, Christianity, cosmologists, Culture, debate, Design Inference, faith, Faith & Science, Intelligent Design, Into the Impossible, James Tour, Judaism, Lawrence Krauss, natural philosophers, New Atheists, philosophy, proselytizing, Rice University, Stephen Meyer, Toronto, UC San Diego
Here is a fascinating and very different pair of scientific, religious, and philosophical conversations, both with UC San Diego physicist Brian Keating. Source
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How Darwin and Wallace Split over the Human Mind

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Marvelously free of racist prejudice, Wallace noted in his fieldwork in far-flung locations that primitive tribes were intellectually the equals of Europeans. Source
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The Return to the God Paradigm

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The year 2021 witnessed the publication of three similarly but not identically themed books which all oppose the current evolutionary paradigm. Source
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Meyer: No Escape from a Mind Behind the Universe

atheists, bestsellers, Big Bang, Brian Miller, cosmology, Faith & Science, Intelligent Design, John Lennox, Lawrence Krauss, mathematicians, Philosophy of Science, physicists, physics, Physics, Earth & Space, Return of the God Hypothesis, Science Uprising, Sean Carroll, Stephen Hawking, Stephen Meyer, USA Today
Cosmologists of an atheist disposition have been seeking an escape hatch from the implications of the Big Bang. Source
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Jordan Peterson Discovers the God Hypothesis

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It’s refreshing to see such intellectual humility from a figure with Peterson’s status. But not all his followers were thrilled. Source
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Jordan Peterson Springs the Trap of Scientism

Andrew Copson, beauty, Carl Jung, competence, Faith & Science, history of ideas, Holocaust, hydrogen, hydrogen bomb, Intelligent Design, Johannes Kepler, John Lennox, Jordan Peterson, Lawrence Krauss, leprosy, Michael Shermer, myths, Oxford Union, physicists, psychology, religion, Return of the God Hypothesis, Sam Harris, scientific method, scientific revolution, scientism, Stephen Meyer
There’s a gaping God-shaped hole in both Krauss and Peterson’s particular ways of spinning all this. Source
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Jordan Peterson, Lawrence Krauss, and the God Hypothesis

Atheism, Beyond Order, Big Bang, Faith & Science, God Hypothesis, Jordan Peterson, Lawrence Krauss, Macbeth, metaphysics, physics, Physics, Earth & Space, psychology, religion, Return of the God Hypothesis, Richard Dawkins, Santa Claus, scientists, secular humanism, Stephen Meyer, supernatural, universe
Stephen Meyer opens his new book with a memorable anecdote about debating Krauss live while battling a fierce migraine. Source
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