Evolution’s Demigods: Reviewing the Tour vs. Cronin Debate

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Says Brian Miller, “What a lot of origin-of-life people do is talk about natural selection as a demigod with creative agency." Source
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Debate Review: Jim Tour vs Lee Cronin at Harvard

Anthony Costello, Arizona State University, Brian Miller, Casey Luskin, Center for Science and Culture, Chemistry, debates, Events, Evolution, god-of-the-gaps fallacy, Harvard University, ID The Future, Intelligent Design, James Tour, Kirkwood Center, Lee Cronin, Lenny Esposito, materialism-of-the-gaps fallacy, origin of life, Owen Anderson, Podcast, Rice University, Stephen Dilley, University of Glasgow
In 2021, chemist Dr. Lee Cronin declared publicly that “Origin of life research is a scam.” He later said he was only joking. Source
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Anti-Hate Group, Canary Mission, Exposes “Science Educator” Professor Dave

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The idea that Jews, alone among indigenous peoples, have no right to defend themselves on their land, is at once anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. Source
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Happy Thanksgiving! Here Are Michael Denton’s Top 3 Reasons for Optimism About ID

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One reason, he says, is the “relentless” growth of the ID movement, in academia and around the world. This conversation is itself evidence on the latter point. Source
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Darwinism Needs Laws to Look Scientific; Cronin and Hazen Stand Ready to Serve

Adrian Bejan, Assembly Theory, Berra's Blunder, biology, Caltech, Carol Cleland, Cassini mission, chemical evolution, Constructal Law, Cornell University, Daniel Arend, Darwin’s genie, designer substitute, Doubts About Darwin, er Demar, Evolution, Evolution News, galumph, human technology, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Intelligent Design, Jonathan Lunine, laws of nature, Lee Cronin, Michael Wong, multicellularity, Robert Hazen, selection, Stuart Bartlett, tautology, The Origin of Species, Thomas Woodward, Titan, Tova Forman, University of Glasgow
Desperate to justify their worldview as legitimate, some Darwinians are making up new “laws of nature” to appear smiling inside the big tent of science. Source
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Origin of Life: James Tour’s Sensational 60-Day Challenge to Ten Top Researchers

Bruce Lipshutz, challenge, Clemens Richert, Dave Farina, Evolution, Intelligent Design, Jack Szostak, James Tour, John Sutherland, judges, Lee Cronin, Matthew Powner, Neal Devaraj, Nicholas Hud, origin of life, Professor Dave Explains, Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy, researchers, Rice University, Steve Benner, Twitter, YouTube videos
Of the ten, Lee Cronin at least is quite active on Twitter or X. I’m going to tweet this to him right now. You should too! Source
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James Tour Focused on Science, Dave Farina on Character Assassination: So, Who Wins?

Alexander Vilenkin, atheists, Avi Loeb, biology, character assassination, Charles Lineweaver, Chemistry, Christoph Adami, Darwin-skeptics, Dave Farina, David Berlinski, Denis Noble, Discovery Institute, enzymes, Evolution, genetic fallacy, Ian Tattersall, Inference (journal), James Shapiro, James Tour, Jean-Pierre Luminet, Jeremy England, Lawrence Krauss, Lee Cronin, Life Sciences, Martin Rees, Noam Chomsky, polymers, polynucleotides, polypeptides, Professor Dave, Professor Dave Explains, proteins, Richard Dawkins, RNA, specified information, The Workhorse of the Cell
Professor Dave’s attacks undercut his credibility as a spokesman for his own view. If he had the truth on his side, there’s no reason he would behave this way. Source
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