Game Over? Nick Lane Wants Another Inning

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Michael Behe described how he attended a conference to hear Nobel laureate John Walker, the world’s expert on ATP synthase, explain how it might have evolved.  Source
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Behe Answers Best Objections to Irreducible Complexity

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Following the philosopher Alvin Plantinga, Pat Flynn says that some of the attacks on Behe have been hysterical, but some have been more thoughtful. Source
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Michael Behe Debates Evolution and Catholicism

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Dr. Behe says that his skepticism toward neo-Darwinism stemmed purely from his scientific research. Source
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Watch: Michael Behe Corrects Darwin’s Detour with a Cumulative Case for Intelligent Design

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For thousands of years, the design of life was acknowledged by scientists and non-scientists, philosophers and physicians, religious and non-religious. Source
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A Darwin Day Exhibit Backfires

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Hear the story of how leading German paleo-entomologist and Darwinist Günter Bechly became convinced of intelligent design. Source
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