The Elephant in the Science Lab

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I have been seeking to describe the science of purpose. Now it is worth getting down to the basics of what science actually is and how it works. Source
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Long Story Short — Did Purely Natural Processes Produce Biopolymers?

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Science provides a clear expectation of what natural processes produce, and what we observe in the biopolymers of life is dramatically unexpected.  Source
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Purifying Bad Results: How Origin-of-Life Researchers Cheat via “Relay Synthesis”

"building blocks" of life, abiogenesis, Agnieszka Wołos, Allchemy, amino acids, carbohydrates, Chemistry, concentration, Evolution, flask, impurities, Intelligent Design, laboratory supply, lipids, Long Story Short, natural processes, nucleotides, origin of life, Pier Luigi Luisi, relay synthesis, researchers, The Stairway to Life, YouTube videos
This is not a question of scale — even if the “chemist’s flask” were the entire Earth. Source
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Tonight, New “Long Story Short” Video Delivers a Dose of Reality for Origin-of-Life Researchers

"building blocks" of life, academic fraud, Airgas, amino acids, Brian Miller, carbohydrates, carbon dioxide, Casey Luskin, Change Laura Tan, Evolution, experiments, heart disease, heart failure, Intelligent Design, Jeff Bada, Le Chatelier’s principle, lipids, Long Story Short, nucleotides, origin of life, Pier Luigi Luisi, prebiotic Earth, reagents, researchers, Stanley Miller, The Stairway to Life, YouTube videos
In the time of the early Earth, Airgas, the supplier from which the researchers obtained their materials, was not around. Source
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