The Return of Natural Theology

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Influenced by a long line of materialist thinkers, Charles Darwin proposed the mechanism of natural selection as a substitute for God. Source
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A Theoretical Biologist’s Mission Impossible: Banish Teleology While Retaining Meaning

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The nonsense will cease eventually. But eventually is a long way off, if Barbieri’s dilemma is any guide. Source
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In Some Science Contexts, “Emergence” Really Means “We Don’t Know How”

Abram, Artificial Intelligence, caterpillars, consciousness, Derek Cabrera, emergence, empathy, Evolution, evolutionary theory, explanations, Genesis, intelligence, language, materialism, mind, monotheism, Neuroscience & Mind, origin of life, promissory materialism, religion, RNA, robotics, socialization, transcendental aesthetics, Yervant Kulbashian
The word often permits the improbable to be considered probable for the purposes of sounding like science without providing any. Source
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Jonathan Wells Evaluates Darwinian Evolution in New Online Course

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How strong is the evidence for Darwinian evolution? What are the limits of the Darwinian mechanism? Source
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Long Story Short Debunks Another Tall Tale of Self-Replication

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While posing as an educational video with scientific authority, this offering from Stated Clearly conveniently sweeps well-established science under the rug. Source
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When Catholics Argue for Intelligent Design

Ann Gauger, Anthony Esolen, Aristotle, beauty, Benjamin Wiker, Bible, biology, Brian Miller, Bruce Chapman, Christianity, consciousness, cosmology, creator, Faith & Science, faith and science, Father Michael Chaberek, God's Grandeur, Günter Bechly, Human Origins, Intelligent Design, intermediates, J. Budziszewski, Jay Richards, John Bergsma, Logan Gage, materialism, Michael Behe, moral law, natural law, paleontology, Pedro Barrajon, Richard Sternberg, Roman Catholicism, Scott Ventureyra, Sophia Institute Press, Thomas Aquinas
The evidence from science is clear, but with the discussion of philosophical questions, the necessity of a Creator becomes overwhelming.  Source
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