Joe Rogan, Stephen Meyer: Did Images from Webb Space Telescope Refute the Big Bang?

Big Bang, cosmic origins, cosmology, faith and science, galaxy formation, Intelligent Design, interviews, James Webb Space Telescope, Joe Rogan, media, News Media, Physics, Earth & Space, Return of the God Hypothesis, spirituality, Stephen Meyer, The Daily Wire
Joe Rogan is the ideal interviewer for our colleague Stephen Meyer — thoughtful, skeptical, curious about absolutely EVERYTHING. Source
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Luskin: Book Banning? Woke Forces Know All About That; They Practiced on Us

academic freedom, adults, atheists, Big Tech, book banning, book burning, Books, Casey Luskin, censorship, classrooms, conservatives, creationism, curricula, Dawkins Test, Dover Area School District, Evolution, free speech, geologists, government, Homosexuality, Intelligent Design, Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District, liberals, media, misinformation, natural selection, News, News Media, Of Pandas and People, Parents, Pennsylvania, progressives, racial injustice, Richard Dawkins, scientific literature, students, The Daily Wire, United States, wokeness
"Those 49 words — suggesting that students consult a library book if they wanted to learn more about a scientific idea — were too much for the thought police." Source
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Dallas Conference: What Does “The Science” Really Say about Faith?

Andrew McDiarmid, Archaeology, Bible, Center for Science & Culture, Chemistry, Children, COVID-19, Culture & Ethics, Dallas Conference on Science & Faith, Darwinism, Exodus, Faith & Science, Geology, Howard Glicksman, human body, Intelligent Design, Irreducible Complexity, James Tour, Jonathan McLatchie, lockdowns, mandates, media, Nancy Pearcey, public health, scientists, Stephen Meyer, Steve Laufmann, Titus Kennedy, transgenderism, Vaccines
This year's conference, February 17 and 18, will tackle subjects we haven't explored before, including archaeology, transgenderism, and tech addiction. Source
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New from Science Uprising — Artificial Intelligence, Creativity, and the Human Difference

algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, artists, Baylor University, computers, Creativity, Darwinism, Discovery Institute, Elon Musk, humanity, Jay Richards, John Lennox, kitsch, materialism, media, Neuroscience & Mind, propaganda, Robert J. Marks, science, Science Uprising, Selmer Bringsjord, spiritual reality, Stephen Hawking, Technology, totalitarianism, Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence
Creativity, not mere copying or following commands, entails thinking “outside the box.” That’s how it can surprise us with genuine novelty. Source
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How Mainstream Media Gaslights Christians (and Everyone Else Who Disagrees with Them)

Christianity, Culture, fake news, Legislating Morality, Culture & Politics, Mainstream, media, News, postmodernism
By Natasha Crain I had a revelation last week that, in retrospect, was many years overdue. So overdue that it borders on embarrassing to admit this was a revelation in 2022. Here it is: Mainstream media doesn’t try to be objective. Now, before you laugh too hard, let me make a clear distinction: I’ve long known mainstream media is not objective. But I had strangely held onto the assumption that they thought they were being objective and just woefully lacked enough self-awareness to see how crazily biased they were. What I realized last week is that of course they know how biased they are…whether they’ve ever stopped to acknowledge the changed nature of so-called “news” or not. We’ve simply drifted over time into a land where the unstated new normal…
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Where the Abortion Debate Goes from Here

abortion, Americans United for Life, Australia, Catherine Glenn Foster, Center for Human Exceptionalism, Constitution, Culture & Ethics, Discovery Institute, Dobbs v. Jackson, Europe, federal courts, human rights, Humanize, media, Medicine, North America, pro-life movement, public policy, Roe v. Wade, Supreme Court, United States, Wesley Smith
On a new podcast, host Wesley Smith and guest Catherine Glenn Foster discuss the Dobbs decision. Source
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Can Evidence of a Creator Bring Hope?

blood-clotting system, Books, Center for Science & Culture, creator, despair, Discovery Institute, educational outreach, Evolution, Faith & Science, government, hope, Intelligent Design, John Castino, media, Michael Behe, Minnesota Twins, Pope Benedict, PragerU, prisoners, Return of the God Hypothesis, Rookie of the Year, Stephen Meyer, universities, Videos
John Castino's life spiraled out of control. His faith in God was based on his feelings, and so when times turned bad, he lost his faith. Source
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Meyer: For the Scientific God Hypothesis, Next Year Will Be Pivotal

Bronx, censorship, Center for Science & Culture, churches, Darwin’s Three Big Ideas that Impacted Humanity, essential businesses, Evolution News, faith, Faith & Science, ID 3.0 research project, ID The Future, John West, Long Story Short, Matthew Hennessey, media, providence, Return of the God Hypothesis, science, Science Uprising, Secularism, Stephen Meyer, Summer Seminars, synagogues, Wall Street Journal, worship
Conceding that churches and synagogues aren’t “essential businesses” was a devastating admission for many professional religious leaders to make. Source
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