Erika DeBenedictis and the Cost of Playing God

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I won’t recap the splendid work Emily Reeves has already done here in dissecting the TEDx talk from a scientific angle. Source
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Woke Medicine Is Very Bad for Everyone’s Health

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There is a major effort in medical education today to indoctrinate students and resident physicians into Critical Theory. Source
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Frontiers of ID: Microscopic Ecologies

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Public health lecturer James Hamblin at Yale decided to go without showers — for five years! Source
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#5 Story of 2020: Coronavirus, Intelligent Design, and Evolution

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The measures being taken against the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic owe nothing to evolutionary theory. Source
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Examining Causes of Gender Dysphoria

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In recent years, there has been increased interest in a possible connection between gender dysphoria and autism. Source
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Delaying Puberty, or Destroying It?

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For children with gender dysphoria, blocking puberty is not just buying time. It is more like a point of no return. Source
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