Researchers: Goats Can Read Basic Human Emotions

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Readers may wonder at first whether this research was worth doing, but hang on. It turns out that goats can understand basic emotions by voice alone. Source
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No. 6 Story of 2023: On Free Will, ChatGPT4 Blows Away Atheist Sam Harris

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Yes, the irony here is palpable, and I’ve long been critical of Harris’s view of free will as an illusion. Source
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To Understand Nature’s Intentionality, We Must Go Back to the Future

"God of the gaps", Aristotle, body, causation, Christianity, DNA, Evolution, Intelligent Design, Isaac Newton, Johannes Kepler, Jonathan Wells, Michael Behe, mind, Nicolaus Copernicus, Pierre-Simon Laplace, proteins, René Descartes, ribosomes, science of purpose, scientism, soul, Stephen Meyer, subject-object metaphysics, Thomas Aquinas, William Dembski
It required the truly inimitable intellect of Aquinas to Christianize and modernize what Aristotle had said 1,600 years before him. Source
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Can Animal Minds Explain Human Minds?

Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness, Christof Koch, consciousness, crabs, dualists, Francis Crick, hard problem of consciousness, John Horgan, Kristin Andrews, Life Sciences, materialism, mind, nervous system, neurological capacity, neuroscience, Neuroscience & Mind, panpsychism, philosophers, philosophy, physiology, The Animal Mind, theists, York University
Kristin Andrews thinks consciousness researchers should discard the assumptions of “white, male and WEIRD” philosophy profs and study more crabs. Source
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Happy Thanksgiving! Here Are Michael Denton’s Top 3 Reasons for Optimism About ID

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One reason, he says, is the “relentless” growth of the ID movement, in academia and around the world. This conversation is itself evidence on the latter point. Source
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Epigenetics: Performing the Genome

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Epigenetics is surpassing genetics in distinction, just as the pianist gets the applause and not the piano. Source
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