Life and the Underlying Principle Behind the Second Law of Thermodynamics

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This seem to be extremely improbable: “From a lifeless planet, there arose spaceships capable of flying to its moon and back safely.” Source
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Stephen Meyer: Evidence of Mind in the Natural World

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Can we scientifically detect the activity of a mind behind the universe? Philosopher of science Dr. Stephen Meyer answers this question and more. Source
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Happy New Year! No. 1 Story of 2023: Joe Rogan and Stephen Meyer Talk Science and Faith

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For more than three hours, Rogan asked questions about the scientific argument for the reality of God, as well as Meyer’s reasons for believing the Bible. Source
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More on Roger Penrose and Fine-Tuning

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Penrose offers as an alternative to design only that maybe some very different kind of life might be possible without the fine-tunings we see in our universe. Source
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The Return of Natural Theology

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Influenced by a long line of materialist thinkers, Charles Darwin proposed the mechanism of natural selection as a substitute for God. Source
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Comparing Design Evidence in Physics Versus Biology — Is One Stronger than the Other?

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The multiverse is nakedly an attempt to save atheism from science. Darwinian theory is less nakedly so. Source
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There Is No Settled “Theory of Evolution”

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What is evolution? In other words, what is core to the theory — and not forfeitable? It’s naturalism. Period. Source
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Meyer: Theistic Implications of the Multiverse

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"As for the Multiverse, even sci-fi writers now recognize that if such a thing exists, it would still require an ultimate Creator." Source
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