Watchdog Group Calls Professor Dave “Anti-Semite of the Week”; Plus an Appeal to the New Atheists

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Does this have anything to do with intelligent design and the evolution debate? Yes, two things. Source
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Understanding Design Arguments: An Introduction for Catholics

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What ID denies is that every feature of nature is the product of natural forces all the way down. This commitment is necessarily shared by Catholics. Source
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Keating, Krauss, Tour: Three Jewish Scientists with Remarkably Different Perspectives

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Here is a fascinating and very different pair of scientific, religious, and philosophical conversations, both with UC San Diego physicist Brian Keating. Source
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Erasmus Darwin and Credible Denial

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Consideration of Erasmus Darwin’s writings suggests that his unbelief could well have been father to the thought in the matter of his evolutionary speculations. Source
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An Optimistic Solution to the Mystery of Life’s Origin

Antonio Lazcano, biology, biomolecules, Brian Miller, Cambridge University, Discovery Institute Press, DNA, Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Eugene Koonin, Evolution, First Life from Purely Natural Means? (series), genetic information, George Whitesides, intelligent agent, Intelligent Design, Jack Szostak, James Tour, life, National Center for Biotechnology Information, New Atheists, Nobel Prize, origin of life, prebiotic Earth, Richard Dawkins, RNA, Stephen Meyer, The Mystery of Life’s Origin, Walter Bradley
Consider what five prestigious origin-of-life thinkers say about the current status of origin-of-life research. Source
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Meyer in the Jerusalem Post: Farewell to the Purposeless Cosmos

Africans, atheists, causal circularity, Charles Murray, computer code, DNA, Douglas Murray, faith, Faith & Science, First Cause, Intelligent Design, Irreducible Complexity, Jerusalem Post, Jordan Peterson, molecular machines, New Atheists, New New Atheists, Phil Torres, Privileged Planet, Return of the God Hypothesis, South Africa, Stephen Meyer, Steven Weinberg, supernatural, Tom Holland
From living in South Africa for more than four years, I got a good sense of African perspectives on atheism. Source
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Meet the New New Atheists, Not Like the Old New Atheists

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These atheists are finding the “Darwinian tower” less to their liking, and are laying down their bow and arrow. Source
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Stephen Meyer: The Evidence “Cries Out” for God, Not the Other Way Around

Apologetics, Atheism, biology, BreakPoint, cosmology, Down syndrome, ID The Future, Intelligent Design, James Tour, John Stonestreet, materialism, mistakes, New Atheists, physics, Physics, Earth & Space, Return of the God Hypothesis, Richard Dawkins, River Out of Eden, scientific evidence, Stephen Meyer, theism, unborn children, utilitarianism, William Dembski
I have heard ID dismissed as “apologetics,” with the implication of proponents in search of evidence to support a conclusion to which they're pre-committed. Source
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New Atheism: A Shipwreck of Fools

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New Atheism is dead. It was conceptually dead from birth, but now it’s stopped twitching. Ben Sixsmith at Arc Digital has a good article with a lot of insight into its demise. From  “New Atheism: An Autopsy”: To be sure, New Atheists could be very, very bad at arguing that God does not exist. There was, for example, Lawrence Krauss writing a book about how something can come from nothing while attributing material qualities to the latter. There was Richard Dawkins trying to refute the famous “Five Ways” of Aquinas without even attempting to understand their terms. (“Whereof one cannot speak,” groaned Wittgenstein, “Thereof one must remain silent.”) There was Christopher Hitchens striding into philosophy like an elephant onto an ice skating rink and saying: “…the postulate of a designer…
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