In the Evolution Debate, How Truth Can Prevail

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Paul Kecskemeti’s analysis perfectly describes the challenge faced by anyone who wishes to publicly tell the truth about the evidence for design. Source
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Inside the Evolution Silo — Darwinism as a Cult

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A major news story can break outside of the silo but, because it goes against the narrative, those in the silo will never hear about it. Source
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Andrew Sullivan, Meet Richard Sternberg

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This is another illustration of what Michael Egnor and others have said: intelligent design was the “canary in the coal mine” when it comes to cancel culture. Source
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Journalist Finds a “Cover-Up” by the Bronx Zoo

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It wasn’t until they were forced by events that the Zoo and the Wildlife Conservation Society admitted this black life mattered. Source
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Another “Earth-Like” Planet Found? Or More Fake Science News?

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“Of course some science writers really jumped on this, and excitedly thought, ‘Oh! Liquid water, within the habitable zone’” — and here he gasps — “‘therefore, LIFE!’” So says astronomer and Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Guillermo Gonzalez about recent media reports of yet another alien “Earth-like” planet, this one romantically named K2-18b, orbiting a red dwarf star 124 light years from us. Sample headline, “It’s got water and the right temperature: Planet found that could support life.” Rain may bespatter the surface (if it has a solid surface, which seems doubtful) of K2-18b. “That’s all you need!” exclaims Jay Richards, who co-authored Privileged Planet with Gonzalez. The two have fun with the science news on a new episode of ID the Future. Despite the hype, Dr. Gonzalez concludes, “This is definitely not…
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