Frankenstein and His Offspring

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"Abiogenesis" seems to draw its strength from pseudo-scientific folk-beliefs that life could somehow be made to emerge from non-life. Source
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Stephen Meyer: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and the God Hypothesis

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Mainstream scientists have been speculating about other-than-earthly intelligence for decades. Source
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Meyer: “Is the Designer an Alien or God?”

alien intelligence, atheists, biological information, Brian Keating, cosmos, DNA, HarperOne, Intelligent Design, New Atheism, origin of life, panspermia, physics, Physics, Earth & Space, Return of the God Hypothesis, Richard Dawkins, scientists, The Stream, U.C. San Diego
"The fine-tuning of the universe is better explained by an intelligent agent that transcends the universe, with attributes that we associate with God." Source
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