Mimesis and Identifying the Intelligent Designer

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We are social creatures, meant to be together. That means social pressure is real and can be intense. Source
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Consciousness May Occur Near Time of Birth

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Researchers generally stress that the unborn child’s brain is in a rapid, ongoing, and little understood state of development. Source
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The Miracle of Man: Reflections on the Westminster Conference

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Dr. Miller gives a brief summary of his talk on the fine-tuning of human vision. We’ll be doing a full episode with him on that subject soon. Source
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“Eugenicons”? Call Them What They Are — Social Darwinists

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It’s sad when once-useful words turn stale and disintegrate — like losing an old friend. Source
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Watch: “Cosmic Mind, Divine Action, and Design-Engaged Theology”

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“The event examined intelligent design and its implications for science-engaged theology. Collectively, it made the case for a God who cares." Source
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Peter Singer Compares Abortion to Turning Off a Computer

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Singer first claims that should an AI ever become “sentient,” turning it off would be akin to killing a being with the highest moral value. Source
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