Woke Science: Affirmative Action as a Health Measure

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“Expert” class imperialism over purely political issues continues apace. Affirmative action is now a form of societally administered health care. Source
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Blood Viscosity and Freezing Temperatures — A Titanic Problem

Antarctic icefish, antifreeze protein, BIO-Complexity, biology, blood, blood viscosity, capillaries, Channichthydiae, fish, freezing, glycoprotein, Gregory Sloop, heart, hemoglobin, hemoglobinless blood, human blood, icefish, Intelligent Design, Life Sciences, marine biology, Montana, oxygen, physicians, Southern Ocean, temperatures, Titanic, vasculature
Blood viscosity is the technical reason why Jack froze in less than 23 minutes, but icefish can survive for 15 years in water of a freezing temperature. Source
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In Breath-Holding, Kate Winslet and a Croc Are Champions

actors, amoeba, blood, breath-holding, breathing, cellular respiration, chest cavity, cold-bloodedness, Complexity, connective tissue, crocodiles, Current Biology, Darwinism, engineers, Evolution, gastrointestinal system, glucose, glycolysis, heart, hematological system, hyperventilating, Intelligent Design, Kate Winslet, life, lungs, oxygen, physicians, pulmonary arteries, red blood cells, respiratory system, Science Daily, Steve Laufmann, Wall Street Journal, warm-bloodedness, Your Designed Body
Kate Winslet, and other actors, for the sake of “the newest frontier in blockbuster moviemaking” are learning to hold their breath for several minutes. Source
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A Physician’s Fantastic Voyage through Your Designed Body

biology, bodily functions, Complexity, Darwinism, evolutionary theory, gradualism, hearing, Howard Glicksman, human body, Intelligent Design, interdependent systems, just-so stories, Medicine, Pat Flynn, Philosophy for the People, physicians, Steve Laufmann, systems engineering, vision, Your Designed Body
Begin by piling up the layers of complexity in the human body — the layer upon layer of complex interdependent systems. Source
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“Poor Design”? Actually, the Human Body Is Amazing; Here’s Why

architecture, bicycling, biology, blood, Chemistry, colors, darkness, death, ears, Engineering, equilibrium, Evolution, eyes, heart, human body, information, Intelligent Design, internal temperature, James Dobson, life, light, lungs, Medicine, oxygen, photons, physicians, physics, piano, reproduction, Richard Dawkins, running, Steve Laufmann, swimming, systems, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Thomas Kuhn, triathlon, Walt Whitman
If someone suggests that a coherent, interdependent system of systems arose by chance, they’ll need to back that up with a detailed engineering analysis. Source
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Does a New Scientific Study Offer Evidence of Life after Death?

brain activity, consciousness, CPR, death, Evolution, faith, Faith & Science, Grossman School of Medicine, heart, life after death, materialism, Medicine, memory retrieval, natural selection, near-death experiences, neonatal intensive care, New York University, perception, physicians, Sam Parnia, theology, thinking
Maybe there is no evolutionary explanation. There is certainly no discernible natural-selection benefit. Source
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Darwinism and Scientific Totalitarianism: John West’s Darwin Day in America

assisted suicide, beauty, COVID-19, Creativity, Culture & Ethics, Darwin Day in America, Darwinism, death, embryo, Enlightenment, ethics, euthanasia, Evolution, free speech, ingenuity, intelligence, John West, Medicine, New York Times, physicians, racehorse, speech, Terri Shiavo, theology, totalitarian science, unborn
The afterword, on “Totalitarian Science,” published in 2015, shows John West as a prophet of things to come. Source
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Ever Thought You Could Change Someone’s Mind?

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Iain was a diehard atheist from the United Kingdom. "I absolutely knew that I would never believe in a creator. It was inconceivable to me," he recalls. Source
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Following the Science, Doctors Joined the Nazis “In Droves”

African Americans, Africans, Alfred Hoche, Allison Hopper, Ashley K. Fernandes, biocracy, bioethicists, Bruce Chapman, Charles B. Davenport, Charles Darwin, COVID-19, Darwinists, doctors, eugenics, Evolution, evolutionary theory, Francis Galton, Germans, history, Karl Binding, Karl Pearson, Medicine, Nazis, nurses, Ohio State University, physicians, Racism, Scientific American, scientific racism, social pandemic, sterilization, Tablet, white coat, white supremacy
There is a tendency to sanctify the medical profession, with the white coat serving as an icon of wisdom, compassion, and morality. Source
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