The Dawkins Test Returns an Answer: Intelligent Design

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Dr. Luskin details the various ways that the rapidly developing field of phylogenomics is uncovering data that powerfully fits the ID model of life’s history. Source
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Thank God for Quantum Mechanics

Albert Einstein, Anton Zeilinger, atoms, biblical tradition, blackbody, Canceled Science, Chemistry, electromagnetic radiation, emissivity, Energy, Faith & Science, Genesis, Gospel of John, helium, hydrogen, information, Intelligent Design, intention, John Wheeler, Louis de Broglie, matter, Max Planck, mind, Niels Bohr, nuclear fusion, nucleons, observer participation, particles, physics, Physics, Earth & Space, Planck’s constant, protons, quantization, quantum effects, quantum mechanics, Schrödinger equation, spectroscopy, sun, ultraviolet catastrophe, universe, University of Paris
An example of how quantum effects permit life as we know it operates in the nuclear furnace of the Sun. Source
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Top Science Journal: Let’s Export Wokeness to Outer Space

brilliance, Center for Black Studies, colonizing, courage, Culture & Ethics, determination, earth, equity, Erika Nesvold, ethnicity, frontier, grit, indigenous people, JustSpace Alliance, Knoxville, Mars, Moon, Nature (journal), Oregon, outer space, Physics, Earth & Space, Portland State University, prison, Progressive Ideology, Race, religion, reproductive rights, rigor, San Francisco, settling, sex, University of Tennessee, Walidah Imarisha, Wild West
Equity advocate says future space colonies should be governed similarly to places like San Francisco or Portland. Source
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God Hypothesis: Exploring the Ultimate Mystery

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Eric Metaxas interviews Meyer about the ultimate mystery of the universe as drawn from recent scientific discoveries in physics, cosmology, and biology. Source
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God Hypothesis: New Paperback with Reply to Critics

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We're sharing some of the best interviews Meyer has given in support of the book. Here is a great exchange with UC San Diego physicist Brian Keating. Source
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