Kepler’s Pursuit of a Mathematical Cosmology

Andrew McDiarmid, astronomy, Center for Science and Culture, Colorado Christian University, cosmology, Discovery Institute, Faith & Science, Harmonices Mundi, ID The Future, Johannes Kepler, mathematics, Melissa Cain Travis, Mysterium Cosmographicum, physics, Physics, Earth & Space, Podcast, science history, theology, Thinking God’s Thoughts, Tycho Brahe
Dr. Travis tracks the progression of Kepler’s ideas to show how he became a key figure in the transition from ancient astronomy to a true celestial physics. Source
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UFOs Replay History: Rogan, Keating, and “Things Seen in the Skies”

airfields, aliens, Aristotle, astrophysicists, Bible, Brian Keating, Carl Jung, Catholic Church, Congress, conspiracy, curiosity, Faith & Science, Flying Saucers (book), Galileo Galilei, government, Joe Rogan, Joe Rogan Experience, mandala, military facilities, NASA, Physics, Earth & Space, pilots, psychologists, PSYOP, Russian, Sanskrit, soul, Spotify, Stephen Meyer, synchronicity, UAPs, UC San Diego, UFOs, United States
Psychologist Carl Jung got interested in UFOs around 1946, shortly after the development of the atom bomb. Source
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Comparing Design Evidence in Physics Versus Biology — Is One Stronger than the Other?

Aaron Zimmer, Atheism, atheists, Big Bang, biology, cosmological constant, Darwinian theory, Elie Feder, Evolution, evolutionary history, fine-tuning, fossils, ID The Future, Intelligent Design, life forms, mathematics, multiverse, Paul Nelson, physical constants, physicists, physics, Physics to God, Physics, Earth & Space, Podcast, Return of the God Hypothesis, Stephen Meyer, Steven Weinberg, unguided processes, universe
The multiverse is nakedly an attempt to save atheism from science. Darwinian theory is less nakedly so. Source
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For Science and Free Speech, Lessons from Oppenheimer

Albert Einstein, Anthony Fauci, Artificial Intelligence, atomic bomb, biotechnology, cancel culture, cinematography, climate change, Cold War, Culture & Ethics, dairy cows, Edward Teller, Francis Collins, free speech, gender-affirming care, Great Barrington Declaration, Harry Truman, Hiroshima, ideological medicine, Ireland, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Jay Bhattacharya, Joe McCarthy, lockdowns, Martin Kulldorff, McCarthyism, movies, Nagasaki, National Institutes of Health, nuclear proliferation, Oppenheimer, Physics, Earth & Space, Soviet Union, Sunetra Gupta, The Godfather, United States, wrongthink
Like all great art, the movie evokes reactions in the viewer beyond what the filmmaker might have intended. Source
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Asking Questions Demonstrates Human Exceptionalism

Albert Einstein, animals, Bible, chatbot, ChatGPT, cosmos, curiosity, DNA, electronic technology, fine-tuning, history, human exceptionalism, Human Origins, humans, imagination, Intelligent Design, Irreducible Complexity, metaphysics, natural world, Physics, Earth & Space, prompt engineering, Questions
This human trait of question-asking begins almost as soon as we learn to talk. Young children can confound their parents with their rapid-fire questions. Source
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Joe Rogan, Stephen Meyer: Did Images from Webb Space Telescope Refute the Big Bang?

Big Bang, cosmic origins, cosmology, faith and science, galaxy formation, Intelligent Design, interviews, James Webb Space Telescope, Joe Rogan, media, News Media, Physics, Earth & Space, Return of the God Hypothesis, spirituality, Stephen Meyer, The Daily Wire
Joe Rogan is the ideal interviewer for our colleague Stephen Meyer — thoughtful, skeptical, curious about absolutely EVERYTHING. Source
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